Write what you want

I was sitting in my car feeling disconnected, and disjointed today, like there more things on the “want” side of my metaphysical tally sheet than there was on my ‘have” side.
So I got the message to write down those things that I was wanting. I began each sentence with “I want…” and made sure to phrase it in words that felt right to me. Because using words that “over reach” or don’t feel truthful will cause your mind to scream “BULLSHIT!” you wan to circumvent the conscious mind to get to a place of knowing.
3 pages later, I felt better! As if getting those wants out of my mind and onto paper had given them over to the Universe and off my heart.
When I got back to my office, I burned the papers and blew on the ashes and let the wind carry them away.
So I thought it would be a helpful technique for you too. “Write what you want”, shout your wants loud and proud! The Universe can take it, it’s got big shoulders.
Don’t hold your wants back, thinking that if you want something too much you’ll be disappointed when they don’t come to be so you just won’t say or think of them at all.
Write them out, speak them out, let them out and let your heart be free.




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