Your cards for 12-28-15 ascended master deck

The Last Cards For 2015! For The Week Of 12-28-15

Your cards for 12-28-15 ascended master cards


Happy New Year!…well almost

The Last Cards For 2015! For The Week Of 12-28-15

The powerful Ascended Master deck was calling to me for this, they wanted to be your last cards for 2015.


This deck is a little different from the others that I work with because I think it’s important when a Ascended Master comes your way to honor them coming to you. So think about keeping their image with your throughout the week (or longer if you decide you want to keep working with them) Maybe find a figurine of them and put that on your desk or personal alter, begin an active dialogue with them through quieting your mind with meditation or listening to relaxing music, call to them and let them know you’re ready to work with them and let them know that you’re ready for them to be a part of your life. The Ascended Masters might acknowledge this connection by showing themselves to you during the week suddenly seeing them in a documentary on TV or hearing about them on the radio etc, working with them can be incredibly rewarding but also challenging because they can be very “no holds barred”, “straight to the point” and mainly “no nonsense” kind of guides but they can also be lots of fun, enjoy!



“Mother Mary: Nurture Yourself”

Mother of Jesus Christ, Mary is the the epitome of love and extreme caring. She is a symbol for the Divine Goddess/Mother and the Sacred Feminine, which is signal that it’s time to work within the balance of both the Sacred Masculine and Sacred Feminine energies for when one does they walk in balance and as they truly are.  One a deeper level Mary shows how to work with and nurture both yourself as the Christ love that resides within us all; helping us develop our inner unconditional love first of self then of others (for you can’t truly share love another; until you first know what it is to love yourself without conditions. This card is asking you a simply question “how are you treating YOU right now?” If the answer is great then it’s time to go out and share that nurturing love to the world around you, either by sending out through your heart chakra or sharing it with your fellow beings on this planet in person. For when you are treating you as you should be you are in flows of and channeling the “Christ Love” the love of unconditional “God energy” and it is do be shared. If the answer is anything less than ask yourself “what can I do to nurture myself right now?” Maybe it’s speaking to yourself in a kinder tone, standing up for yourself to someone who is trying to make you feel not good enough, maybe it’s simply listening to your heart or intuition on something, perhaps it making a conscious connection to your spirituality or divinity, or maybe it’s just a matter of taking time out for YOU. Whatever it is, make sure if feels good to you when you do it, make sure it’s you taking care of you. For when you do you are then loving they self and thus able to truly love others, so remember you, you are the only you have; so let taking care of you be the first thing that comes to your mind.


“Epona: Crystals”

Epona was the Celtic Horse Goddess whose worship spread to Britain and Rome from Western Europe. The Roman cavalry had shrines dedicated to her. In fact she was so popular that a temple dedicated to her in Rome. A Roman Festival to honor her was celebrated on 18th December. Her name means “Divine mare” in Gaulish. The mare was an ancient symbol of fertility, this has lead to suggestions that she was an early Mother Goddess figure, whose role was later reduced to protector of horses. Her cornucopia and the basket of fruit she carried provide further support for her role as a fertility Goddess. This Goddess is often linked to both Rhiannon in Wales and Macha in Ireland due to their shared association with Horses. She is also linked to birds and dogs. Epona is also said to be the Queen of the Fae. Her power resides from the elemental energies of the Earth, where the Stone and Crystal people reside. This card could be letting you know a few things; first it maybe time to begin learning how to work with crystal OR if you are already to work with them more intensely, either by taking a workshop on them or working with more higher vibrating crystals such as Apophyllite, Moldavite or Azurite. Epona maybe signaling to you that it’s time wot work with the Elemental energies, as the Fae (or fairies) are VERY powerful manifestors of abundance working much faster than Angels, but they are not for the faint of heart for when you work with them you MUST be ready for the things you want to come and come in fast! There is no “putting on the brakes” when working with the Fae, if your not ready their energies can be seemly chaotic and overwhelming; BUT if you’re ready then those same energies will feel exciting and thrilling. The Fae are also lovers of animals and Epona’s is tied to Horses especially so it might be time to work with of just be around the energy of the Horse. Whatever it may be the Fae are calling to you, willing to help you so if you’re ready let them know.


“Aengus (Angus): Twin Flame”

Twin Flame a love so powerful it transcends all versions of time and space. Twin Flames are deeper than soul mates, they are souls who are intwined (notice the word twin) together through life after life after life and each life is more intense than the next. Aengus is considered the Irish God of love he saw a maiden in his dreams one night and fell madly in love with her. He searched for her and finally Aengus was taken to the lake of the Dragon’s Mouth, and there he saw 150 maidens all chained with gold into pairs. He spied his at once and her name was Caer, the daughter of Ethal and Anubal, a prince of the Dananns of Connact. On November first she and all the other maidens are transformed into swans for a year. He was told if he could identify her as a swan he could marry her. Aengus went out to the lake and called to his love, and once he had found her he then turned in to a swan himself and joined her. They flew off together singing such a beautiful song that all who heard them fell asleep for three days and nights. This card signifies that it might be time to acknowledge a Twin Flame or Soul Mate relationship that is trying to come through either physically or metaphysically (read about what a Twin Flame is). Metaphysically can either be through dreamtime or meditation. This card also signals that now is the time to keep your heart open and to stay positive, to follow your guidance to manifest your prayers about your love life. If your love life is already in a good place then it’s possibly time to go more into it by doing a past life reading or akashic record reading with your partner is in order to make your relationship even more deeper and stronger.


I send you intentions and blessings for a wonderful and magical 2016.

Love & Light



2 Responses to The Last Cards For 2015! For The Week Of 12-28-15

  1. Liane November 18, 2017 at 8:40 am #

    What might a “Aengus (Angus): Twin Flame” card in reverse mean? I cannot find any guidance online.

  2. Coryelle Kramer November 18, 2017 at 10:08 am #

    Hi Liane, I think working with is a personal thing, for me personally I don’t do reverse cards. I find it gives off a discordant energy. but if it feels right to you to listen to that then I would just revise whatever the book is telling you. It may be confirmation that you don’t have a twin flame.

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