The Blueprints

Welcome to passion and freedom!

The Blueprints are your guide, your GPS, your map to understanding who you are, what you want, how you want it and why you want it the way that you do.

Do you crave a certain touch?

Do you want more satisfaction in your love life but don’t know how put into words what you need?

Do you want to learn how to get to know yourself even more deeply, even more lovingly than you do now?

Do you feel like you and your partner are on different worlds when it comes to your sex life and what you’re desiring in it?

When you find out who you ARE as an erotic being, you begin to discover the answers to what you NEED as an erotic being and then you discover how to LIVE a more satisfying, happier life.

There are FIVE Blueprint types and each has a Superpower!

Energetic: They love longing, anticipation, distance, space and tease.
Superpowers: Orgasms with or without even being touched.

Sensual: They have sensory arousal. Stimulated by taste, smell, sound and/or touch.
Superpowers: They can have non-genital orgasms through igniting one or more of the senses. 

Sexual: They are what we think of when we see or hear the word “sex”. They enjoy penetration, nudity, orgasms, the sexual act, etc
Superpowers: 0-60, HIGH sex drive, loves sex, arousal is usual fast, fun and easy.

Kinky: Anything that is thought to be taboo or naughty, creative sex play, psychological and/or sensation stimulation 
Superpowers: Endless creativity! The realm of kink is MASSIVE! There’s psychological kink: the play of the dynamic and polarities, sensation kink: playing different things that have an array of textures and sensations to them. The kinky also gives the Dom or Sub the chance to drop into subspace or domspace.

Shapeshifter: They are turned on by ALL OF IT! A true Shapeshifter could go literally on and on and on…..FOREVER!
Superpowers: Huge capacity for pleasure, superpowers of all the others BP’s, the ability to shape shift into the different BP’s pleasing any lover, any time and in any circumstance.

Each Blueprint also has Shadow aspects to them. Which, when not healed, could cause an array of issues both personally for the individual who has them and their relationships with lovers, friends and even family.

Guiding you to acknowledge, nourish, and embrace your Blueprints, to heal and make peace with their Shadows and showing you so many of the delicious pathways to your sexuality gifting you with wholeness, aliveness and freedom of self; is much of the work that I can do for you and your partner(s)!

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