Nina Cowell

After their first session:
“I want to Thank you for our session it was so Special and So very Appreciated – my girl is different today , more calm, more affectionate and she is lingering by my side and talking a little more with more melody. I SWEAR she can hear now, I moved a plastic bag and she bolted!
I AM DIFFERENT !! I am calmer and more content and settled now that you have spent time with her !!!”
After their second session:
“She is SOOOO Alive today !! She is curious and following me and rubbing up on my legs – following me to the basement to the POD and she is so curious !! Yesterday’s session was AMAZING and so very complete in so many ways – the food , the water fountain, the Shapeshifting words and phrases you gave us- REALLY REALLY GRAND !! Thank you”