4-11-16 deck

Tarot Cards For the Week Of 4-11-16

4-11-16 tarot cards

For me last weeks card was very helpful (as always) it kept flashing through my mind all week so when I needed it’s guidance it brought me back to center (so to speak) and I was able to honor both my feeling and emotions and thus the cards message.

This week’s cards are from the “Journey of the Hidden Realms” deck. Simply allow your intuition (or your eyes) help you choose your card, it’s message will be your guidance for the week. Enjoy!

“Page of Cups”
She sits an gazes into the cup, totally and completely absorbed in what she is seeing or what is emerging from it. Your guidance for the week is about going deeper, asking the questions you hesitate to ask, exploring more into experiences and situations that arise instead of just assuming things first hand about them. It’s discovering new levels of intimacy (and possible vulnerabilities) in your life, you’re ready to do it, even if your mind is telling you your not or that it’s “too hard”. It’s time to open yourself up to new experiences, put yourself into positions of out of your “comfort zone”. For when you do, you will discover new things about yourself that you never knew, making you a stronger, more confident person because of it. Don’t be afraid to look hard inside your life’s chalice this week, in the end you’ll be happy you did.

“Six Of Pentacles”
Two woman, one plucks the ripe fruit effortlessly from the tree the other is helping her by holding the basket. This week will be abundant for you but that abundance will come from someone helping you. You find out about a possible job from close friend, a loving family member brings new contacts into your life. Abundance wears many faces, it comes in many forms be open to all of it this week. Now not only will YOU be receiving abundance, but you’ll also have the change to pay it forward and pass it on. Giving and receiving, ebb and flow, asking and allowing these are movements of life; do all you can to be a stance of receptivity for all that you will receive and all opportunities to give. There is no such thing as competition unless you believe there to be, despite what people say there IS plenty to go around, if you stay open to it.

“Page Of Pentacles”
She is deep in thought, her hands and foot grounded to the earth, her eyes are unfocused and far away. This week you will be learning new things, experience new knowledge and wisdom in some form or another, this is a good thing for you will grow much from it. Take it in, drink it in like a fine wine, savor it, embrace it, then OWN it. Make it part of who you are for this will bring much good to you in the near future, it may not be as soon as you would like, but KNOW that the Universe is bringing to you all that you want and this knowledge? This wisdom is part of getting what you want. Just as the girl in the future be still, learn whatever it is, absorb it let it breath into your mind, your heart and your soul and allow that wisdom to reside within you.

Have a magnificent week


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