Reiki and Pets: a Reiki Bubble

I SO enjoy sending Reiki bubbles to people and animals.
This is something that I have done since I first became attuned to Reiki in 2003.
I just finished sending one and moment ago to a 6 month old kitten that is recovering from surgery today.
What a wonderful feeling it is to be able to do that.

A Reiki bubble is the gathering of energy channeled from Mother Earth and then through the Practitioner in a shape of a bubble. This bubble can be filled with many different things, love, healing energy, calming energy, or thoughts, good intentions, strength, laughter or joy, anything that feels right at the moment.
Now this might be different from Reiki Practitioner to Reiki Practitioner, it all depends on how each person was taught to do their Reiki bubble.

When someone wants a bubble sent to either a person or animal I try to always find out some things:

The name of the animal or person
Where they are (the exact address is helpful and the pet or person sometimes feel the effects faster)
If they are receptive to receiving the Reiki (if it is an animal this is where being a Animal Communicator comes in handy!)
What the trouble is that they are having (what they are recovering from or dealing with in their lives)

In order to do a Reiki Bubble, one has to be Reiki attuned.

Over the years, I have gotten some very interesting feedback on how Reiki bubble have effected people and pets.

•Some people and pets had to immediately lie down and then seem to sleep extremely heavily. (Now depending on HOW heavy some drooling may have occurred!).

•People and pets all of a suddenly having this wonderful energizing surge and feeling totally refreshed and revitalized.

•The feeling of tingling sensations all over the body.

•Feelings of tranquility and serenity washing over the pet or person, some clients will say their pets became almost Zen-like or extremely calm.

•Warm or Cold sensations throughout the body. Then the sensation becoming focused on the part of the body where the discomfort is.

That is to name a few, each being is different, and each reaction is different, but they are always a pleasant experience for all.

Then, there have been times where I have been blessed to be a part of an animal’s transitioning. The pets were able to gently, finish their transitions without fear or pain, in complete comfort.

Using all that I have studied, Bach Flowers, Reiki, TTOUCH, Animal Communication, these to me are gifts. I am blessed to be able that I am able to use them and, I very much appreciate them!

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