Dose Of Positive: The Journey Of A Thousand Miles

Dose of positive first stepDose Of Positive Today was sent to me my during my morning meditation, and I was told to make sure I share it today and I have no preconceived ideas about what to say, so here goes…
DP for today is “The Journey Of A Thousand Miles Begins With A Single Step”

Everything that you have been though in your life began with a step towards it, you’ve taken many first steps in your life, they are strewn across the dunes of your consciousness testaments to your strength, your creativity, your intelligence, your stubbornness, your fear, your bravery and your doubt. Even though your journeys are not always pleasant they are necessary in creating the magnificent you, you are at this very moment.

No matter where that first step brought you to, you made the decision to take it, you and no one else. When you took that step the Universe then moved heaven and earth to bring you what you wanted until that journey’s end. A life is made up of many, many journeys not just one and with each one it was YOU who took control of what you wanted your life to be creating it with the Universe who takes care of the how’s. There are times you know where you’re going and many more when you don’t but ulitmately YOU who says “Yes” and takes that first step it maybe taken in joy, sometimes with confidence, doubt or fear, some are taken in pain, or anger but the point is that your step to take….and you do. <3