Spirit Guide Discovery & Star Child Linage Readings

Spirit Guide Discovery & Star Child Lineage readings with Coryelle Kramer

Spirit Guide Discovery Readings

Spirit guides can be very powerful and important as you journey through your life. Many cultures and many people have used them to connect with everything from God & Goddess, to the Earth, heavenly realms, spirits and ghosts,  getting answers about situations going on in their lives, to discovering and gaining knowledge in who they are as a person.
They can help you in good times, challenging times, they can support you and will always love you especially if you’re having a hard time loving yourself.
They can tough too, giving you the kick in the butt when you need it, they are always honest and at the heart of it all they always have your best interest in mind. They want to you to be the you that’s you’re meant to be. They want you to step into your power, work with them to my your life, and this world better. they connect you to higher vibrations of divinity, other planes, and even to other worlds. They can be humanoid, animal, beings from the natural world like trees, stones, plants, crystals and even planets, ascended masters (like Buddha & Jesus) or mythical beings like the Fae, Unicorns and Dragons.

A “Spirit Guide Discovery” reading is where I connect to your guides and ask them to join me and then I do an interview of sorts. I discover who they are (name, background, what they look like, what life they lived (if any) etc), how you can best utility them in your life (either through working with them to make the world a better place or with personal issues), and then I will ask them if they have any messages for you. When I do a reading I first see a door (everyone has one that leads to their guides) everyone’s door is different and individual to them, I open the door and invite them in. Your reading is over either when the door closes on it’s own or I close it because the reading time has ended. Once I’m done it can always be opened again, because spirit guides grow as we grow but they also come and go so they are constantly changing as you do. So you will receive new guides a lot during your life, and once I’ve opened the door it can always be opened again.

Once you’ve been introduced to your guides, they will give you confirmation that they are indeed yours, usually in the form of you suddenly seeing “out of the blue” a TV show about them, or a statue of them or a image of them, that’s them giving a little wink that they’re yours and ready to work with you.

As in any relationship, it’s up to the beings in it to keep it alive and strong, you do this by communicating with them, connect to them regally through meditation or visualizing them with you. Make an altar with statues or images or other things that remind you of your connection to their higher vibration. TALK to them, the more you do the easier and more innate  it will become, the stronger you become as a person. Spirit Guide Discovery readings will help you connect to divinity like you’ve never done before.

Spirit Guide & Star Child Linage Readings with Coryelle

Star Child Linage Readings

As a Seer, one of my abilities that I’ve been gifted with is to be able to connect people to their Extraterrestrial (I prefer the term Other Worlder) lineage. It’s a incredibly rewarding experience for me and my clients have told me a deeply healing and heart opening experience for them.

For the last 2 years I’ve been pulled more and more toward communicating with and talking about the Other Worlders discovering who they are, and having information downloaded to me about their home worlds, cultures, appearance, life purposes and individual lives as well. This is not always something that I’ve been open to, and honestly, it took me a while of fighting my fears that told me talking about Star Children/Star Seed and Other Worlders would hurt my professional reputation and put me in the “tin foil hat” category of websites who; although many I respected, I still thought as the “being WAY out there”variety.

I’ve always believed that we were not alone, that it is a hubris person who thinks we are the one and only planet is the infinity that is the Universe that has life forms on it. But for me there was a huge difference in BELIEVING in them and COMMUNICATING with them, it had me stumped and second guessing the messages, and knowledge that I was receiving.

But then I went to the belief that I come to with ALL my messages and connections, no matter if I’m communicating with animals, spirits, people, angelic, ethereal and yes Other Worlders and that belief is simply “I don’t have the imagination to make up the stuff that I’m getting”. Simple, but it works.

There is just so much information I’m receiving and it flows is such a staggering speed that I KNOW that what I’m getting is not from my mind because it’s coming in too fast for me to process it WITH my mind. When I come to that truth, then the only thing left for me is TO believe and honor the information that I’m receiving. A simple no-nonsense conclusion

The World Walkers

World Walkers Spirit Guide & Star Child Linage Readings with CoryelleThe first race of beings who ever contacted me called themselves “The World Walkers” they were beings of white light who told me that they would be my Ambassadors to the Star Children, that they were a race who traveled across the Universe finding only the worlds and people that were vibrating at the highest of levels, communicating and connecting them with one another, making a sort of  vibrational collaboration of planets. Bringing them all together to help each other with knowledge and advancements in thought, healing, medicine, technology, etc. They told the time of “Reconnection” for our world had come, and that they would be introducing me to only those races who had the highest vibration and intentions, in order that I could begin to do the next phase of my life’s purpose which was to help Star Children on my world connect to their people. I’ve collected quite a few and will writing about each of them one at a time in future posts.

I’ve touched a little bit on this subject on the post I wrote about Twin Flames.

So, Who Are The Star Children?

Simply put, the Star Children are people living on this world who’s are either themselves from another planet or who’s ancestors and linage are born to other worlds.

Many times this is not recognized on the surface, it has been forgotten over time or in some cases hidden away until (should it ever come) a time in the future when the person’s lineage and memories are “activated” either through a shift in consciousness, a Star Child Lineage reading, or a life changing event. When the knowledge is discovered and revealed there is usually a profound sense of peace and some have an immense sense of finally coming home. because even on a surface level that person never quite felt like them truly belonged. Their DNA might be slightly or very different, they may have flashes of an alternate life in place very different from this planet, sometimes they have a very deep connection to the stars or astronomy or astrology, they might show talent or abilities that are not shared with those around them. Usually, and often in their lives they felt “out of place” as though they didn’t “fit in” with the world around them; all of these things and more they can feel but many times they don’t know why.

What Can Connecting To Your Star People Do For You?

A lot of people when they are connect with their linage have an overwhelming sense of relief like an answer to a question they didn’t think to even ask but has been gnawing at them has finally been answered. With it comes the deep feeling of “coming home”, of finally belonging somewhere, for them the knowledge comes as no surprise at all, but rather it’s like an unlocking of memories or lives being currently lived on their home worlds, because on some planets and alternate planes of existence it’s possible for us to live lives somewhere else simultaneously. Connecting to your Star People can be a deeply profound and healing experience; answering questions that you’ve been wondering all of your life. Such as why you are drawn to particular things in life, why your body feels and reacts like it has been (for example the feeling of having wings on your back that are not there or longer fingers than you currently have), why you execute certain mannerisms, eat certain foods, or are drawn to a particular type of person or lifestyle, where any and all special talents would best serve you, this planet and your home world. It’s a coming together and merging of who you are (both there and here) and who you are meant to be. Communication can then begin between you and your people deepening your life even more. This can be done though meditation, or visualization, through dreamtime or by traveling astrally to your home world (something that can be learned in a Star Child Lineage reading. or through research into leaving your physical body astrally.

Not every person on this planet is from another, it was not meant to be that way. We were meant to share this world with those who evolved here. To live and grow as a people become strong and close so that we can be open minded, accepting and loving to the ones who are from other places. For this planet’s destiny is important and it is playing and continues to play an important role in the Shift of Consciousness we are currently in. We are the decedents of explores, warriors, healers, spiritual givers, thinkers, growers and creativity creators our awakening is not only important to us on a personal level but on a global and Universal level as well.

When I connected with my people the Jakarians, it was like nothing I had even experienced and I keep learning more and more about myself the more I learn about them. They speak to my soul; gifting me more power, knowledge, joy and peace than I’ve ever had before in my life. In the start of all of this I thought that they would weaken me bring question to my professional reputation instead they’ve made me stronger as a person and as a Seer, less afraid of who I am and what others think of me, and have assisted me in speaking the words that I need to share with the world.

How do I know If I’m an Other Worlder/Star Child?

It’s simple. If you’re reading this entire post and it interests you, then you more than likely are one. Because only people who are one or who knows someone else who is one is intrigued enough to read this article. The subject draws only those who are at the place in their lives to hear the information TO the information.

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