Spacial Clearing

Energetic spacial clearing enables the presence of the home or commercial space to feel more inviting and clearer. Through living life; a home or commercial space can become cluttered energetically mired in the experiences, emotions and lives that spent time within it’s walls.

Energetically clearing a space can promote the true essence of it to come more into focus, promoting an easier selling of that space in a more timely and effortless manner.

In order for you to achieve this, Coryelle has an array of energetic cleansing tools for you to choose from. From singing bowls, to specific aromatherapy oils, or natural calming and cleansing herbals from trees & plants; such as palo santo wood, cedar or sage; we will then go into the space and use that chosen medium to clear it.

Spacial Clearings can be performed either in person or long distance, both are equally effective in clearing any space, anywhere.

Spacial Clearing Is Great For

  • Spaces that have recently been professionally re-organized
  • Houses or commercial spaces that are not selling easily
  • After a huge personal transformation or life event and you wish to embrace this new change with ease
  • A lovely gift to new homeowners
  • To christen a new workspace, artist studio or business

And more!

You will be able to feel the difference instantly and if you’re a realtor; so will your homeowners and prospective buyers, assisting you in selling that home or commercial space.

If the clearing is for yourself or others it will transform the home or space into feeling more inviting, peaceful and happy.

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