Song Bird Attunement with Reiki Fur Babies

Songbird Attunement Coryelle KramerI knew this one was going to be special.

Song Birds have been close to my heart for as long as I can remember.

This week I’ve had some out of the ordinary feathered guests come and visit, there’s been a Baltimore Oriole, a Waxwing, a Scarlet Tanager (which I’ve never seen before) and a Mocking Bird all coming to call. Each one kept telling me how happy and excited they were about being attuned. Then this morning I looked up and there directly overhead is this cloud that looks like both a heart and a Cardinal

During my morning meditation, as I ask my guides for the day to join me, in my mind’s eyes I see Blue Bird fly to me, he sits on my right shoulder tells me that this attunement will be the first of it’s kind and that he will be with me during it, then he begins to sing a song to me while finished my meditation. I then opened my eyes and everything around me shimmered with the life-force energy, I’ve only seen this a few times in my ice and I know it’s how the animals see the world, with shimmer that rises off of everything on this planet all great gifts and all wonderful signs of what was to come.

I sat outside and it was a incredible feeling to be able to do that, surrounded by the beautiful mountains and hearing all the birds singing, was such a precious gift and it filled my heart with gratitude to be able to do it. Then as I thought this and began to send, a Cat Bird came and flew into the Lilac bush right next to me where I was sitting. He didn’t make a sound only seemed to be waiting and looking in my direction.

As I started to send I felt this anticipation, this excitement in the air, a happiness; and I noticed that many of the birds stopped singing (which gave me goosebumps). I began to send, after a few minutes a wonderful thing happened I turned my hands with the palms up to the sky, the moment I did this a Red Finch flew directly above me, PAUSED and hovered in mid air over me for a period of 2 -3 seconds then flew in a circle and sat in the Elm tree that was also right next to where I was. I have never seen them do that before. It’s an image that will stay with me forever.

Then suddenly, I’m over the Earth and I see or beautiful planet below me and the Reiki energy that all of us where sending was surrounding the entire Earth, the energy was absorbed by the Song Birds all around the world. In Elm tree I see the Thrush, the Cat Bird and the Red Finch are all sitting in the tree next to me. Then their message comes in

Message from the Song Birds

Songbird Attunement 2 Coryelle KramerThe message we have is simple, this attunement is like no other. For our healing comes through in our songs, so what this atutnement has created is allowed our songs; which we have sung forever, to be raised to a much higher vibrational level. Now our songs will heal peoples minds, bodies and souls, our songs will help to heal this planet. You’ll be able to feel the healing we give in your heart when you hear us sing, we will be able to touch the hearts of people on a higher level; it will help them to heal. Many will not be aware of what we are doing; but they may feel that they just feel ok, perhaps a little better than they did before they heard us sing and that will be enough”

“But, as with any true healing you have to want it, you have to accept it, if you don’t accept it, then it will help you for a little while but then you will go back to the way you were before.This healing from our songs will be like no other that has been before, the songs we sing will be for specific things, spefici hearings, it’s every powerful and we hope that you will accept the he aligns we are sending to you. Let it touch your heart, let it touch your soul, let it touch the deepest corners and recesses of your mind. For no matter where a Song Bird is (either in the wiled or caged), we know our songs are everywhere and we know the power that resides within them. We are singing our songs no matter what, nothing will ever change that, it up to those who want it all you must do is listen and open your heart and open your minds to the songs we sing. And the healing will begin. You can ask for specific healing and the right Song Bird with the right song for you will come.”

We thank all who did this for us, for in helping us you have also helped yourselves as well. We are all in this together. Now, take  moment listen to our songs, notice where you feel the songs going into your body, take a moment and feel where the song resonates the most within you. You will see that our song is giving you exactly what you need, exact y where you need it. Take a moment…..hear our song.”

Also taking part in this attunement were Jenny Wilhelm, Sammy Reiki Cat Master and my friend Aaron.

9 Replies to “Song Bird Attunement with Reiki Fur Babies”

  1. Thanks for sharing the beautiful attunement with us Coryelle. I have bird feeders out and just love all the birds that come and enjoy eating. My meditation lately has been more about sitting on back porch with my two dogs and just listening to all the birds talk and sing. On one Abraham’s workshops they talked about how a bird hovered at a window and Ester just knew it was a message from non-physical. So a couple weeks ago I was just thinking how I would love a sign like that. Within two days a bird hovered in the same area for what seemed liked at least 30 seconds at three different times. I had tears of appreciation. Somehow I just knew that it was happening for me. And two nights ago while taking my dogs out and it was getting dark. I could hear this beautiful bird still singing away and commented on it. Usually towards dark they seem quiet. The song had me smiling and feeling very uplifted. It was so beautiful. Thanks again. To me, birds are mini angels and I truly enjoy their presence. AND my nickname is Bird ( of course with the name, Robin :))

  2. OH Robin! Your experience with the bird is a lovely sign and you crying is your inner being’s way of letting you know that you are So connected to Spirit and Divinity. I loved reading it thank you for posting it and sharing it with us. I’m happy that their message resonated with you. All the very best!

  3. Coryelle,
    I have only recently found your blog. I get so excited when I find an e-mail from you in my box ! This series with the attunements and messages from the animals has brought me so much joy. I am able to communicate with animals too and am reiki attuned as well as attuned to IET. I’m thinking of following in your footsteps in a strictly personal adventure. Before “remembering” my AC abilities , I used to do shamanic journey work in order to experience these kinds on interactions. Now , the real time ones in the physical are so exhilarating ! Thank you for sharing these. I look forward to even more. Much love to you for honoring your gifts <3

  4. Hi Amy, it’s very nice to meet you. I’m happy that the attunements and the animals messages So deeply resonate with you, they should that is what they were meant to do. It’s wonderful that you are stepping into your abilities and your power as well and I wish you a fantastic time on your life’s path journey. It’s not unusual that you would use something else as a way to tap into the animals. People have been suing things like animal spirit guides, totems and as with my people vision quests to help them communicate and receive messages from the animal world.

    I wish you much success with all that you do.

  5. Cheep cheeps are like mother nature’s juke boxes… they are such sweet souls. I have a question, how can I,communicate to birds in my backyard where not to fly to protect them from window collisions?

  6. Hi, try just sending out to all the birds in your area, showing them a window, with the sun glinting off of it show them houses and that those house (when they’re around them have windows,) let them know when they are around houses they jsut need to fly carefully and maybe not towards the house but around it. it’s what I did for the birds around my house

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