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Review of Pioneer Pet’s SmartCat Ultimate Litter Mat 2018

The Human’s Review:
The Ultimate Litter Mat by Pioneer Pet works great!

What I like:

  • It keeps a significant amount of litter off the floor. Yes, a small amount does still get on the floor but it’s nowhere near what it would be if the mat wasn’t there. If there’s only thing I can’t stand it’s walking barefoot on litter, especially when I come out of the shower. This mat takes care of that, but keep in mind that this was tested with sand like clumping litter, I’m not sure how this would work with litter that has bigger pieces. (see photo #1)
  • It’s BIG! The mat is 24″ (60.96 cm) x 36″ (91.44 cm), which is big enough so the the litter box can sit fully on it and still leave room to be effective, but if you stagger the box a little on the mat it give more than enough coverage (see photo #2).
  • The woven design is super efficient and it’s reversible. It really keeps the litter IN the mat where it belongs and it make it much easier to take up when it’s time to dump the litter out of it (with flat unwoven mats the litter can roll off when you pick it up (see photo #3)
  • It’s reversible (beige one side grey the other)I think it would do the company a HUGE service if they made some in some bright, fun colors, but that’s not a huge issue for me or the kitties.
  • It’s easy to clean. If you have kitties that sometimes miss the litter box (either by accident or on purpose) 🙂 this mat is very easy to clean. They suggest that you wash it in cold water using the delicate cycle and then lay it flat to dry it. I tested this and left it outside, within 25 minutes it was dry and ready to use, but keep in mind I live in New Mexico ;-).

So all in all, if you use sandy or wheat like litters (the smaller pieces) and want to keep it off the floor, I’d highly recommend the SmartCat Ultimate Litter Mat.

Now let’s meet the kittles and see what THEY have to say about it

The kittles….

First there’s Sam, a.ka. Sammy (the oldest, named after Sam Wise Gamgee from Lord of the Rings) he is indeed wise and very practical









Next in age is Sacred She’s a girl of few words so when she says something you know it’s going to be important.








The youngest (but never least) is Tau (pronounced TAH-OO). He never, ever holds himself back, lives life to the fullest and tells it like it is.








The Cat’s Review
I asked Sammy first….
Sam: “The mat is great, it feels nice when I walk on it and it takes the litter out from between my toes which all of us can’t stand”
Me: “Anything else you’d like to share?”
Sam: “That’s it for me but I know the others have some different reasons

Sacred & Tau went next…

Me: Ok girl, you’re up what do you think about the mat?
It’s very nice not to have the litter sticking to my fur.
Me: It makes you fur feel cleaner?
Sacred: Yes, with my longer fur, things stick to it so easily (as you know) and it can get matted quickly, so it nice to be able to keep that from happening.
Me: Great I’m glad that you feel that way, anything else about it that you like?
Sacred: Isn’t that enough?
Me: I believe it is” lol

Tau: I don’t like when the litter gets on my paws so the fact that it takes is off it a BIG yes for me.
Me: It feels like there’s more to it, why don’t you like litter on your paws?
Tau: First for the obvious reason (I don’t like the feel of it) but then there’s the fact that when it sticks on my paws the only way to get if off is to lick my paws to clean them and and the litter doesn’t taste good AND make my stomach upset.
Me: ooooh, I didn’t know that Tau thanks for telling me. So you feel like it’s helped keep that from happening?
Tau: YUP! I haven’t felt anything like that since you got the mat.
Me: Whew! That’s a relief.

So, the kittles and I give The Ultimate Litter Mat 5 out of 5 loves



Photo #1
















Photo #2


Photo #3















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