Redwoods & Sequoias Attunement


Redwood & Sequoia consciousness connected with me a little while ago to tell me that they their time for attunement was here, I told Reiki Fur Babies and we picked a date 11/30/13. I later did a little numerology check (I dabble that’s all) and found when I add 1+1+3+1+3 it equaled 9, and I found this explanation: “Number 9 resonates with the vibrations and attributes of the Universal Spiritual Laws, Karma, spiritual enlightenment and awakening, being a positive example for others, Lightworking, leadership, inner-wisdom and your soul mission.  Number 9 also relates to conclusions and endings.” hmmm, interesting!

I knew our first tree attuning was going something amazing; and it DIDN’T disappoint.

The day of the attunement I asked a student of mine Jennifer Wilhelm to join us in the attuning, at the time she was a level 2 reiki healer, and she would be sending reiki not attuning; but the knowing she had to be a part of it was undeniable.

The first thing I noticed as I began to send was the energy coming from my hand, felt different than it had when I attuned the Crows, Mustangs and other animals in the past. It felt solid, like blocks of energy were being pulled from the center of my hands. The second thing when I connected was how OLD it was, I mean ancient! Not sure I can be more specific on just HOW I could tell that the energy I connected to was ancient, just that it FELT like it had been here since the beginning of life on this planet. This was oooooooold, ancient energy coming from these trees and it was wise beyond mere words can describe.

Then I heard the words “Time Keepers/ Record Keepers of the Earth.” Suddenly I was standing in front of these giant trees and I could see inside their bodies, In my mind I saw the inside of the trees….and the rings! Hundreds upon thousands of rings! Then I heard the trees speak

Redwoods and SequoiasWe are the Record Keepers of the Earth, we have been here since time was new, have seen things that none have seen before, and some that none ever will again. We have been recording it all and we keep those records inside of us, we are a part of this planet since she was young and we can tell you everything that has happened here; from the smallest event to the moving of the continents themselves.

The rings went deeper and deeper into the center of the tree and as I traveled inside more, tiny lights would light on some of the rings, I knew the lights represented things like man evolving dinosaurs walking the Earth, but the lights also told the story of when magic was everywhere, and dragons and other “mythical” beings walked this planet. But what really stunned me? What took my breath away was when I came to a ring SO deep, it was at the center/core of this tree the one I had to pass THOUSANDS of rings for this ring from when the trees were young. The light shone on it and let me know at THIS ring was when they found out about the attunement that was happening today!

Thousands and thousands of years for us to be here to be waking up the planet and assisting in the raising of the vibration of it to a place and a level that is has never been to before. For the people to be waking up, and it all suddenly made sense, everything that had happened on this planet from the wars and the strife, the religious conflicts and the famine, the joy and the ugliness. We needed it all to get to this point, this time, THIS place in existence so that we could fully and completely be ready to move on and leave ALL of it behind.No more maybe’s or doubts that it’s time, we have to change and rise our vibrations up or those who won’t or can’t will move on and come back in bodies that can. The time is here and it’s not going away and it can’t be ignored anymore. All of this information came to me in a second.

And these trees had been standing here, recording and waiting for this time of attunements for a million years.

Then I saw Ming, Candy the three of stood around the tree and out stretched our hands to one another and we finished the attunement. These giant trees began to sway we were surrounded by Arch Angels, Fairies and the Tree People (who are guardians of the trees) they were dancing and singing. Jennifer was also, there dancing and singing with the tree guardians.

Then the trees showed me one last thing, they showed me them releasing spores and pollen into the air and carrying their seeds throughout the country, then I saw it go over the ocean and the entire world. Redwoods and Sequoias will begin to grow in places they never have before.treetops 600pxThey will share their wisdom with us to help us surf this wave; this shift, but in order to do that need to be in the 4 directions, the 4 corners, not only in the US but across the world.

All giving the number 9 explanation which stated: “9 is for spiritual enlightenment and awakening, being a positive example for others, Lightworking, leadership, inner-wisdom and a soul mission.” a lot of more sense, don’t you think?




5 Replies to “Redwoods & Sequoias Attunement”

  1. Beautiful post Coryelle. Definitely didn’t disappoint!! The trees are so full of wisdom. Thank you for joining Reiki Fur Babies. The fairies certainly are dancing!!!

  2. Coryellel! This is so beautiful. What an experience for all of you. Just reading your post here brought tears to my eyes. I love what you are doing for the animals, and now the trees, with your attunements. Please keep going! And thank you to you, Ming, and Candy. <3

  3. Thank you Caren for your encouragement. I’m really happy that the post touched and resonated with you, these amazing beings had important messages and images to share and I’m honored to have been a part of it so that I could relay them to the world. <3 to you

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