Soul Piece Painting 11 X 14


This is for a Soul Piece on a 11″ x 14″ canvas (the smallest that I currently paint)


This is for a Soul Piece on a 11″ x 14″ canvas (the smallest that I currently make available)

A “Soul Piece” is when I intuitively paint your animal’s soul.

It can be for either an animal who’s living or one who has passed on.

I connect to them as I would do in a session, and I ask them to show me their soul, and I begin to choose the brushes and colors intuitively.
Then I paint their soul and once again I paint using my intuition as well as what you’re animal ask me to paint. The brush strokes, the techniques I use, when to turn the painting and where to paint on the canvas, what colors to use and where, what brushes to use and how; everything is done intuitively.

I call them “Soul Piece’s” because they are Piece’s of your animal’s Soul but they are also your animal’s Soul masterPiece as well.

No two Soul Pieces are the same, each is unique and fully and completely your animal coming through.

The astonishing thing about a “Soul Piece” is that it is constantly unfolding, and you always see something new and when you turn it, it becomes an entirely different piece.

Each Piece will receive a image emailed to you with a detailed meaning (example below) for each color and symbol as well as any and all messages that I received while I was painting.

Canvas options
11″ x 14″
12″ x 16″
16″ x 20″
18″ x 24″
20″ x 24″

Shipping also varies with the size of the canvas and how many you would like, a separate invoice will be sent when the Soul Piece is ready to be shipped.
All Pieces are shipped priority mail within the US.
Canada & Other Countries will be shipped however the client would like it.

For larger canvas’ than what are already listed Contact Coryelle


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