“Opening The Door to Animal Communication” eBook + 4 Mp3s


Taught By World Renowned Animal Communicators Coryelle Kramer & Janet Roper In this popular teleseminar Animal Communicators Coryelle Kramer and Janet Roper took their students on a journey of discovery and reconnection to the world of animal communication.

Over period of three weeks they shared their insights, & knowledge with the participants, and now there are offering this same opportunity to YOU.

This package contains three Mp3s and a 26 page eBook with tips, techniques, information & exercises developed by Kramer and Roper specifically for the teleseminar. As a bonus, it also includes the “Heart To Heart” meditation Mp3, that Coryelle Kramer developed and utilizes when talking to animals. Everything in this package gives you the chance to begin YOUR journey with animal communication!


In this life-changing workshop you’ll discover such illuminating insights as:

  1. Tips & techniques on how to actively communicate with animals.
  2. The ability to connect with both domesticated animals and animals in the wild.
  3. Powerful processes for overcoming any possible blocks in animal communication.
  4. Ways to build more and more confidence in your animal communication skills.
  5. Meditations geared to assist you with techniques to gain the most out of communicating with animals.

And much more!

That’s a total of 4 Mp3s PLUS the 26 page eBook …. all for $55.00!