HoneyComb Healing Attunement


This is Coryelle’s unique brand of energetic light. It’s intense and extremely powerful, incorporating her goddess energy as well as the energies that she channels from her healing sanctuary called “Honeycomb Lake”. Once attuned to it, your vibrations will be raised to those of the highest vibrations possible, that of Divinity, Universe, Goddess & even to the Stars themselves. It will change as you change, incorporating in all that you are now and all that you will EVER become. It will customize to YOU and you alone as well as to your guides NOW and those you’ll have in the future; as well their energies making your attunement an INCREDIBLE and one of a kind force of light work for this planet and her beings.

This attunement is for people AND animals and will attune them the one and only level, and changes and grows which then changes YOU along with it.

Unlike other energetic attunements there is only ONE for the Honeycomb Healing, and it opens doors for you to expand in ways that other energetic healing techniques don’t.

The attunements can be for both humans AND animals.
This attunement is LONG DISTANCE sent on a specific day and time which Coryelle will pre-arraign with you.

Your attunement will be recorded so that any messages that Coryelle receives during your attunement you will be able to hear after. Also uou will also receive a certificate which will be sent to you through the mail.



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