1:1 Communicator Training


Talking with the Animals is an enriching, life-changing experience. In this 3-hour training class Coryelle will assist you in learning how to talk with them, or if you already are, then she will hone your abilities to a point you’ve never known before. Can be conducted virtually or in person. Coryelle will either come to you for an additional fee or you can come to her NM office at no extra charge.



This is a unique opportunity to study Animal Communication with a world-renowned Animal Communicator & Seer and it will ALL be one on one.

Some of the topics* of study in this training:

  • Discover your “Go To’s” for receiving animal’s communications and messages.
  • Techniques for opening up your “doors” of communication.
  • Empathic studies (how to feel the animal’s body, health & spirit) in order to determine health and emotional issues, as well as learning how not to become overwhelmed by them.
  • How to stay “neutral” and not get in your own way, in order to hear the answers to difficult but life changing questions.
  • Learn how to pass into an animal’s body enabling you to literally see the world
    through their eyes.
  • Animal Consciousness, how to connect to it, talk with it and how to ask it questions in order to receive insights from a group of animals or an entire species.
  • And much more!

With each of Coryelle’s training geared to every individual, the possibilities of what you will learn are endless. She will connect to her guides and channel your own personal curriculum for you, and you alone. All your course will be recorded for you.

*Some of these items may or may NOT be covered, each of Coryelle’s training is designed especially for YOU and your level of communicative abilities.