Without you…my life wouldn’t be as rich or as lesson-filled. I’m listening more, being still more, honouring all things more (including myself, I hope!) and everything is wider and more. I’m even MORE grateful than before. Thank you so, so much.

Coryelle was able to help be get clarity around issues I’d been wrestling with for quite some time. After our session, I felt so much more spacious, settled, and centered. I also had a clear sense of what steps to take next on my path. So, so grateful for her guidance and sight!

I have had many sessions with Coryelle over the years, and every time she works with my pets their behavior improves! Coryelle has a wonderful gift for helping people and animals.

My session with Coryelle was amazing! She is very quick in responding to schedule a session, and any questions that you may have before and after the session. She was compassionate during the reading and open to questions. Coryelle has a gift and she is spot on. I am looking forward to my next session.

Never did I think I could ever be released from my past. Nor did I ever think I would really know true happiness until coryelle !!! She healed me more than just mentally. I have never been so happy in my life. She is an angel fallen from heaven !!! She made my outlook on life change and more importantly she helped my family and I become happy and feel what the present, happiness, lov, cconnection, and hope is and we can’t wait to see what it store for the future. More importantly we are excited not intimidated.

Coryelle is awesome. She has helped me with my animals and my own health/healing. I just love her!!

Coryelle was amazing! She makes you feel comfortable and is able to guide you in such a positive way. Everything she said was on point! She’s a wonderful soul, very gifted. I highly
recommend her!

Coryelle has helped me through so many challenges with my pups. Her huge heart ❤️ profound talent and compassionate approach make all the difference. Highly recommend

What an awesome experience! Coryelle is easy to talk to. She is a wonderful conduit between you and the spiritual world

A week ago today we had our first consult with Coreyelle, myself and our dog Bella. Bella is 3 now but had a rough start in an illegal puppy mill. I had questions about her start that couldn’t be answered by the rescue agency. Coreyelle was able to answer many of my questions and relate to me, Bella’s insecurities. In a week’s time , we have a better understanding of what she went through and what she truly needs from us now. In that same week,she is more confident and we feel we are on the right track to what she needs to be a happy and healthy pup! Thank you Coreyelle!

We consulted with Coryelle soon after we adopted our Cairn Terrier rescues, Annabel and MacGregor. We so appreciated the caring, respectful, and compassionate way Coryelle approached our pups to invite them to share whatever they wanted us to know. And Coryelle was able to also give us an opportunity to ask our pups questions as well. We felt that she was right on about our beloveds. We feel so much closer to babies and are happy and honored to have Coryelle be on our care team!

I have to say that my first session with Coryelle was just totally amazing. She is truly a God Send to me and my kitty, very compassionate and really connected to my girl and she was able to answer any questions that I had, and I feel so much better in the process and knowing that she is helping my girl in healing her and me at the same time. A true Angel, I can’t thank her enough. I highly recommend her to anyone.

I am a skeptic by nature, but Coryelle blew me away. With minimal information she said what I already knew (and MORE), which just confirmed and made the insights more real. Thank you so much for seeing, thank you for your gift.

All blessings to you, Coryelle. Your report of your session with our fierce little angora tuxedo cat, Pelli, reminded me of Pelli’s sweet little head-butting willingness to display affection one moment and heartily hiss at her sister for interrupting her human interaction time the next. 🙂 She told you she really is all about LOVE. That is so true. Pelli gained energy after the session, was and is even more affectionate than before. We are so relieved that you were able to see that what we feared regarding her health was not so. We felt you worked with her beautifully, with great love and respect and with utmost competence and most of all, you reminded us what she is all about. Thank you <3 <3 <3 !

Coryelle is amazing! We have been going through so much stress taking our cat to the Vet. He gets himself so stressed out that he poops in his carrier and drools all over himself. He has a chronic condition and currently has to ride over 30 minutes to the Vet once a month. Coryelle was able to let him know that this was necessary and there was a light at the end of the tunnel for him. You could see he was extremely relieved to hear this news. Thank-you Coryelle for improving our fur baby’s life and communicating the situation to him!

If I could give more than five stars, I would. Coryelle is incredible!!!!

Spot on accuracy, great advice, THE best guidance & a wicked sense of humour. Coryelle is my go to person for all things spirit.

I just had my first Animal Communication Session with Coryelle and let me just say, it was amazing! I was finally able to get SO many questions my husband and I had lingering in our minds, answered. Coryelle was able to pin down our dog to a T! She got her personality spot on, her energy, her passion in life, it was just so wonderful. Thank you so much for everything Coryelle, I don’t have the words to begin to let you know how great the session was and how helpful you were. Thank you!

I felt such peace after my reading and no doubt that she connected to my loved ones. Thank you Coryelle so much. It was amazing. Thank you for sharing your gift with me.

Coryelle did an amazing job at honing in on the issues I am facing with my teen age daughters. She spoke in detail about things I had suspected, described what the future looks like, and where & how to focus my energies. With her guidance, I am certain I will have a much better chance at rebuilding loving, caring relationships with my girls. Thank you, Coryelle!

My partner and I had a wonderful session with Coryelle and Nyx our cat who recently had a bad jump and blew her knee out so bad her leg had to be amputated. Nyx came right to us after the session and let us know that she enjoyed it! And Coryelle, she looked at the tree and sat near it but did not attempt to climb it! Hopefully she will keep remembering her promise! Thanks again Ms. Coryelle!

Being an animal healer I am very aware of my relationship with my fur babies. But watching my yellow lab Sammy Diva age has been a difficult journey. It occurred to me to ask Coryelle for some assistance. Having Sammy Diva talk to Coryelle was so amazing that it caused a shift within me and strengthened the bond even more! Knowing that Sammy Diva is not experiencing dementia but something spiritual is so exciting . Her thoughts brought me to tears. It’s very comforting to know that I have Coryelle available as Sammy Diva ages. Thank you Coryelle!

Omar and I thank you. Knowing that he is at peace was a great comfort to me.

I cannot ever in a million lifetimes thank you enough for unburdening my love. He is so much freer.

I feel so honored that you posted the photos of my babies! The reading gave me such perspective! It was truly an amazing experience and I have a new respect for each of them. Thank you so much for the reading, you are truly gifted.

All I can say, is that this session was one of the most beautiful things I have ever experienced. Coryelle does beautiful work, and the peace and comfort that this session provided cannot be expressed in words. It was very healing and very powerful. Thank you, Coryelle. Thank you all for your warm thoughts and wishes. Angel is truely a beautiful soul, and she will be with me forever.

Coryelle has been close to my heart for three years now.  She met Brutus when he was 4 and he trusted her. So when I had a dream 2 nights in a row about Brutus and a kitten I knew she would be able to help me figure it out.This may not seem like such a big deal, but Brutus is a master hunter. And he has killed a stray cat that was spraying at out back door, along with many many rabbits, woodchucks, skunks, and oppossum. Coryelle had a distance conversation with Bru and gave me the scoop. (Coryelle’s info to me…) Coryelle even described her (and I did not tell her what I saw in my dream) markings and color. So a few days later we went to the SPCA and found her. I knew her instantly!  I introduced her slowly to Brutus and now one month later they sleep together! I am so glad I had Coryelle as a reference because she was able to check in with Bru and gave me the confidence to bring Zeva into our house and our hearts.

Coryelle, We want to personally thank you for the time you spent Monday talking to our sweet angel Penny Lane. We appreciate knowing that she is ready to transition and has enjoyed her time with us. We know she will always be with us and are comforted by the recording you sent to us. With all of our heart we thank you!

I asked Coryelle a tough question by phone a while back. Was the baby bunny I was thinking of adopting a girl or boy? Coryelle said a boy. But after a couple months bunny never looked like a boy, if you catch my drift, so I figured Coryelle was wrong….Well, yesterday I got bunny fixed and the vet discovered that she’s a boy! (Apparently the family jewels weren’t able to descend as they should have.) DON’T DOUBT CORYELLE!

The move went very smoothly.  Both horses loaded easily and traveled great. Shy settled into his new stall like he’d always been there. Cliff had to let the whole barn know he was there with lots of loud whinnies .. lol. But the stalls are beautiful and I think they’re gonna be really happy there. Jen told me that she’ll let them out tomorrow so they can meet some of the other horses. I really think the essences helped and especially your talk with them. Cliff was so calm when I was getting him ready for the trip … I had a real sense that he knew exactly what was going on. Thanks again.

Coryelle, I thank you with all of my heart for what you did for me on Saturday at the Cortland Holistic Expo & Fair. I was strongly drawn to you that day and now I know why. You connected me with the one true love of my life and relayed information I was hoping to receive. You then connected me to some of my guides, which I could not do on my own, and relayed information that I needed to hear. You are a truly gifted woman and I thank you for being so generous and caring in sharing your gift with us. Namaste.

“I feel more “at peace” with losing both Bree & BareBear within 2wks of each other. Both of them left completely unexpected and both of them were so young … understanding why them, why now has been extremely difficult! The elixir has helped me focus more on just accepting their transitions and trying to feel their spirits / souls / energy in their new forms. Not being able to touch them, hug, kiss & cuddle them is so so so hard to be able to deal with. I’ve noticed that Honey & Boo both are definitely more “happy”. They both have a little “spring” in their steps and are always smiley and wiggly when they see me. Luigi (BareBear’s hairy cat brother), seems to be adjusted and found comfort with Honey & Boo. Henry — well Henry is just old man Henry and he just hangs out and has always gone with the flow, no matter who’s physically in our lives and who’s transitioned into spiritual energy. So yes all the furrkids and me show obvious signs of the elixir helping them feel ok with things. THANK YOU for mixing up this concoction for us. You are an amazing and very special woman.”

The most amazing reading ever. Highly recommend!

I contacted Coryelle when my two year old cat, Eddie, developed a UTI (urinary tract infection) just a short while after previous UTI. I thought that was a little suspicious and I wondered if there was something else going on in his life that led to this infection. As expected, because I have worked with Coryelle previously, she immediately tuned in to Eddie. She correctly identified many of his behavioral traits to make sure she was on the right track. And she was. I have five cats and it turns out that Eddie told Coryelle that he was having problems with one of the other cats. Coryelle correctly identified which cat, based on Eddie’s description, although I had a pretty good idea of who it was. One of our cats likes to think she is the alpha cat, but she isn’t very good at the job. She tends to harass the other cats. As a result, Eddie would get stressed out and that would lead to the UTI. She told Eddie that he needed to stand up for himself and not let this other cat bully him. She also told me that Eddie was worried that my wife and I might give up on him. Nothing could be farther from the truth. She suggested I have a good talk with Eddie and that evening I did. I told him we loved him, we would never ever give up on him and he was welcome to stay with us as long as he wanted to. I also gave him a pep talk about standing up for himself.  Much to my pleasant surprise, the power balance among the cats shifted dramatically. Eddie no longer put up with any nonsense from the so-called alpha cat. He has also come out of his shell, so to speak. He is still a relaxed, laid-back cat but he is much more playful and energetic now. It is not like he suddenly became aggressive or assertive, but he definitely became a force to be reckoned with and nobody’s patsy or victim. He is much happier these days. I am thankful for Coryelle’s help in getting to the core of Eddie’s problems and helping me be a better friend to him.

GLORY, GLORY, GLORY !! Coryelle was highly recommended to me by an extraordinary woman here in upstate New York. I began texting her incessantly, pleading for a session ASAP. Coryelle was lovely and kind and fit me in last night. My Maine Coon cat KaDa was poisoned 4 months ago and I feared that there was permanent, internal damage – as she has been acting strangely for the last 5 weeks. Coryelle , KaDa and I SKYPED last night – first they met, then Coryelle began communications with my cat, that ultimately revealed the issues. Then came the natural, holistic suggestions, then came a remote healing, then came more inquiries and some quick research on Coryelle’s part and finally some healing for me as well. I have never known a pet owner that doesn’t become overwhelmed with “What if’s” and “What to Do’s” when their beloved animal companion is sick- because we simply don’t have the answers. Well all that changed for me and KaDa last night because Coryelle HAS the answers !! I have stopped worrying and my cat was purrring when I arrived home; she had her second remote healing and gobbled down her dinner( with the healing herbs) in two minutes flat. Compassionate, Professional. Intuitive, Curious, Kind and Accurate to the Letter – that is how I would describe Coryelle Kramer – Thank you, Bless You and Peace be in your Heart Always Coryelle — XOXO Nina and KaDa

7 DAYS LATER: An update on My Girl – Coryelle – THANK YOU for Everything !! The follow up was Amazing and so Effective…Funny when you angst about something you block what is happening moment to moment. I almost missed her day to day healing….then I woke up to her VOLUMINOUS PURRRING , WOW ! KaDa is lucid, eating her parsley without complaint, roaming again from 11:30 pm to 4:30 am and I have dead bodies (gifts) OUTSIDE – many thanks for asking her not to bring them in !! We are STUPENDOUS and I will add the Bach Flower Essences to her water – I love your spirit, I love your kindness and concern, I love your communication and follow through: in short – I LOVE YOU XOX KaDa and KaDa’s Guardian …..Blessings to you Coryelle