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Platypus Sacred Feminine Attunement with Reiki Fur Babies

Platypus attunement message

participating in this attunement were Reiki Masters Aaron, Jenny Wilhelm, and Sammy cat extrodinaire

Right from the jump I knew this attunement was going to be interesting and it did NOT disappoint.

Before I began to send 2 angels materialized and told me they wanted to be with me for this attunement they were Aarchangel Uriel and Michael. Each angel had a small smirk on their faces (as if to say WE know what’s coming but we wanted to be here when it happens) then they said “it’s going to be FUN”.

Then i began to send and the first thing that I heard what “Platypus helps you to embrace your uniqueness but most of all to embrace balance”.

Then I began to receive that “Platypus energy embraces the feminine, they can help those not matter is they be man or woman to embrace the natal feminine side. It’s very powerful energy coming from these little beings.

Then I began receiving information I didn’t at all expect. Platypus’ attunement was going honor femininity by raising the vibration of the Sacred Feminine….yea I was NOT expecting that one!

The message with this attunement differs from the others, as opposed to them giving me the clear message in words I began to receive their message through an emotional feeling and knowing. As we attuned them I felt them begin to send out their heeling to the energies of the Sacred Feminine. When I touched on it, I knew that it was OLD, ANCIENT energy that had been here long before homosapiens had been walking on this planet. Even before animal life was on this planet the Sacred Feminine was her. Then I receive that this energy that I was communicating with was THE original energy that was on the planet, on this plane. before masculine before anything the Sacred Feminine Female energy was created.

THIS energy was what I and the Platypus’ were tapping into, a powerful vein of Sacred Feminine and then scattering it like capillaries throughout this world and beyond.

Then I received that Masculine energy attunement would be coming later but for now because the Sacred Feminine was the first energy ever created it was first. But because this attune was happening it was going to directly effect portals to worlds which in their way honor the Sacred Feminine. Platypus’s attunement was opening the doors to those worlds as well. As soon as I received that I got a unexpected warm feeling spreading through my stomach which is where both the reproductive systems as well as the “gut/intuition” 3rd chakra lies.

As the attunement continued it became more and more wonderful, tapping into to this ancient beautiful and powerful energy; I honestly didn’t want it to keep. This was the energy that Platypus was tapped into, now you might ask “why the Platypus?”. Because they are like no other animal on the planet, that one of a kind energy was honored by being the only animal on this world that lives, breaths and sleeps it, and they are beautiful, strong, gentle, intelligent representative the Sacred Feminine power.

Sacred Feminine is also about accepting and embracing difference within yourself and others.

I kept sending, feeling so incredibly tapped in, so peaceful yet energized, I felt as if I could keep this attunement going forever.

This is going to ramp up the Shift of Consciousness, so the raising of the vibration are just as important for the men of this world as it is for the women, they need it even more than we do. You can still be a man and embrace the feminine, it’s simply a matter of being willing to become a little more open to how you feel, it’s about stating and expressing those feelings in healthy ways, not keeping them bottled up. Being able to be gentle, tender, loving, while also keeping your masculinity, it’s about BALANCE. You men of this world; it’s about balance we are ALL going through this shift of consciousness and if we are not balanced for it then we will lose alot of good people to it. Balance your energies, if your female take on a more of a leadership role if you are, then maybe pamper yourself and be gentle with yourself is the right direction. If you a man then share how you feel, if you love someone SAY it, SHOW it, if your scared STATE it, it your doubting SEE it. That’s walking in balance taking care of you AND those you love. Because the way to go through this shift is in a state of balance anything less will not get your through.

Then I see the archangels standing in front of me arms crossed with smiles on their faces and I hear “and how is THAT for an attunement?”

Angels are a great templates for the men who need assistant with this on how to be both loving and strong, gentle and kind yet powerful. We NEED the masculine in this Shift of Consciousness if anyone says different their crazy, but we need balanced masculine energy for there will be no place for brutality and violence after it is over.

Platypuses Message from Jenny Wilhelm

Unique. We are the epitome of unique, just like each and every one of you humans. All That Is. Isn’t it amazing how we can all be the same and so fabulously different? Each and every being in this Universe/dimension. All interwoven. All different and the same. All coming together.
Smaller parts of the Whole. Finding common ground. For the Greater Good.
So many Souls opening, so many feeling the Shift. So many coming together. Such wonderment. Such joy. Such LOVE. Exciting, isn’t it??
We are grateful for this attunement and will continue to spread this Light to all generations, in all dimensions. 
Sent from Surface”

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2 Responses to Platypus Sacred Feminine Attunement with Reiki Fur Babies

  1. Ming November 25, 2014 at 4:11 pm #

    Awesome awesome message. Hey Coryelle, what do you think Phillip and Aaron thought of the attunement. I know Phillip participated 🙂

  2. Coryelle Kramer November 25, 2014 at 4:14 pm #

    Interesting you should ask that question Ming, Aaron thought it was awesome (I would check in with him when I was getting the parts about the men) and Philip I got a sense for when when the angels came in and he’s very happy about it all.

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