4-6-15 cards

Oracle cards for the week of 4-6-15

4-6-15 cards


Hi! I have your cards for this week. Pick a card intuitively by choosing the one that most resonates for you or that draws your eye, look below and read it’s message. Stretch your intuitive muscles and then see just how right on your intuition can be.



This week you will be revealing a lot of your inner and outer peace. It’s heralds a time of you stepping into your power, creativity within productivity, all which brings about a deep sense of self confidence and awareness. It is the time of harmony in your life, enjoy it, don’t question it, or wait for something to happen to “take it away” revel in it! Milk it, go with it. This is a fortunate time for you, the stars and Universe and in harmony and primed to give you what you want, when you are feeling the self confidence, the ideas and the power flowing form you THEN is the time when you supposed to fully step into your power and create the life you want, gain the desires you need. It’s also the time to remember to honor this god-given power, respect it and use it wisely. This week to bring about and stay in the harmonious mode become aware of what your thinking, your thoughts are the ways into harmony or discord, they work in tandem with your emotions so make sure that the harmony of thoughts and emotions are in the best state they can be by connecting to your guide and the God/Goddess energies and allowing your worthiness to shine for the whole world to see.


“Sacred Journey”

This card represents change, movement. This week a journey in your life will either come to a close or has just begun. either way align yourself with the changes that are coming. Don’t fight them, embrace them, change is everything, change is LIFE, nothing in this Universe does not change, even the boulder is transformed by the elements. Remember this is a sacred journey to where you have been brought to, it might not always look the way you want it to, but it will always be what you need it to be. This card is also say that family may play a integral part in your change, they might be the contributing factors in motivating you to move (that is not always a nice thing, family can be a tough motivator to have around) the important thing to remember is that they are the catalyst (the players) the Universe requires to bring you what you want; either the end or the beginning of your transformation. Thanks the catalyst for the change your about to have, make peace with it so that you can step fully into the new You and leave the old behind completeness. Transformation is not always easy…but it is SO worth it, so enjoy it, appreciate it and be it.



This is Spring and it’s a perfect time for releasing, letting go. You are of a belief that there is something currently in your life you can’t let go of or rid yourself of. That is simple just not so, for the only thing that is keeping you for freeing and releasing yourself from it is your inability to let it go. The emotional ties to it may be strong but those can be cut by doing what I like to call a “Rite of Release”. It is taking the steps in order to let the Universe know you’re ready to let whatever it is go. First acknowledge whatever it is and it’s current perceived hold over you, make peace with what is don’t try to wish it away see if for a current manifestation. Next when it feels right acknowledge that if it can be created it can be released, then when your ready let the Universe/God/Goddess know that your are already to let it go. The rite can be in a form of a letter, or a photo, it can be asking Archangel Michael to help with you with the cords that attached to it (envisioning him using his golden sword to cut the ties to whomever and whatever you need to let go of), It could be releasing through fire; either using the Violet Flame or actual fire (make sure if you do that you use it safely) writing out how you feel and burring that along with sacred cleansing herbs like sage, or flat cedar or mugwort. The only thing that matters is you use this time this and over the coming weeks to release and let go of those things that no longer serve you highest good, these can also include your own limit mindsets of yourself and your life. Your being encouraged to face some of your fears, trust that your are loved and guided and watch the fear dissolve.

With love to all of you, may you have a blessed week.


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