4-18-16 deck

Oracle Cards For the Week Of 4-18-16


4-18-16 cards

Here are your cards for the week, enjoy! If the Ascended Master you’ve chosen really resonates with you, then maybe that is a sign that they are a guide you should be communicating with and getting for longer than just this week.


“Moses: Take Care Of The Situation”
The situation is getting a little out of control, you may be feeling overwhelmed or frightened by it, but now is not the time to allow those feelings to drive you, the only way to feel better is to take the bull by the horns and take your power back by taking charge of whatever it is you’re dealing with. YOU are the creator of your life, YOU are the one who tells the Universe/God what you want and THEN it’s brought to you. Taking charge doesn’t necessarily mean of other people it could be that the person you you need to take charge of is you and how your seeing the current situation. No matter what or who it may be you are being called to step up and be a leader and in doing so you can also be an inspiration to those around you to do the same for themselves.


“Osiris: Father, Husband, Brother, Son”
No matter if you are a man or a woman this card calling to you can mean a few things. First that your role in one of these roles is changing or about to change (for the women replace the wording to the feminine), this change is mostly likely not subtle in nature and will be a huge shift for you, but that shift is good or bad depending on how you see it. Osiris is also a leader of the Gods so a leadership role coming upon you is also a possibility. The second is that a man you have either a strong relationship with or attraction to will be playing a major role in your week this week. Learn from him (whether his lessons are positive of negative they are all important) what he has to teach you will be an asset to how you live your life in the near future. No matter what it is you or if you are a man or woman, Osiris has much to teach you this week.


“Horus” You Are Seeing This Situation Accurately”
This is the confirmation that you are looking for this week, what Horus is saying is to trust your gut/intuition/inner wisdom when dealing with the situations that arise this week. Go with your first instincts, trust that your seeing things correctly, this is not always easy to do, especially when it may be about other people who are and will be coming into your life. Trust what you’re getting about them is accurately and then takes the steps to handle it accordingly. You’re mind lies, it tells you that you’re making a mountain out of a molehill or that your exaggerating things, don’t trust it. What does your heart tell you? What does your guides, your inner knowing tell you? THAT is what you need to believe to navigate through the land mines of the mind.


I send you all blessings for a fantastic week.
Love, Coryelle


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