3-30-15 cards

Oracle cards for the week of 3-30-15

3-30-15 cards


Blessings! Here are your cards for this week they also bring you some powerful energies as well. The cards are from “Crystal Oracle” deck by Toni Carmine Salerno.

Pick a card intuitively by choosing the one that most resonates for you, which draws your eye? Which crystal’s energy talks to you the most? When you’ve chosen one, look below and read their message.

Additional guidance for the week

What to get even more out of this reading? Then whoever of the crystal people you choose try to incorporated them into your life this week, either by wearing them, holding them, carrying them, or even keeping an image of them close to you (like making it as your desktop image for your computer, tablet or phone).

The crystals are here to send you the healing and help you throughout the week so try to have as much contact with them as possible, it’ll benefit you. Have fun!

This week you may be feeling emotionally and or physically out of sorts. Do all you can to take care of you, don’t let yourself get too “in your head” or too caught up in emotional drama either your own or someone else’s, don’t take anyone’s criticism or judgments of you seriously, they are simply someone’s opinion; not necessarily the truth. Pyrite gives you stability (both mentally and emotionally) and grounding, helps you to find you “true north” when the waters of life start churning. Pyrite gives you clarity, focus and helps you in decision making and taking actions.


Green Selenite

Heed your dreams and visions this week, they contain messages of guidance for the upcoming few weeks and months. A profound healing is coming your way and it is through the guidance of dreams and visions that it will come through. Make sure your mind is set and rooted in the positive in creating a world you desire not a world that already is. You are on the verge of a great time of creativity, joy and or tranquility it is your thinking that will dictate how quickly that time comes and manifests. Trust in love and magic of the Universe keep your mind and heart open and free of discordant thinking and energies. Selenite is a strong conductor of energy it can allow the higher frequencies to come more strongly into your life and help them along to the more intense energies of finding one’s spiritual purpose.



Abundance begins to strongly roll into your life this week, this is not only monetary abundance but physical, creative, and spiritual. It’s time to release any fear and guilt over your worthiness of being granted such things, of holding yourself back with thoughts that I have to do more, be more, try more. All that is required is the believing and feeling of Universal unconditional love constantly and unendingly streaming your way. Let go of the guilt, the limited mindsets and negativity surrounding abundance; the “the rich only get richer”, “money doesn’t grow on trees”, “you have to work hard to achieve what you want”, “money is the root of all evil” and “that’ll never be me” ideals they re holding your back from the abundance and fun that is rightfully yours. Citrine lends a hand to opening channels of creativity not just in the arts but also in ideas and projects so make note of them as they come because abundance resides there as well.


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