Oracle Cards For The Week Of 1-18-16


1-18-16 cards

Geez! it’s already past the middle of January, time flies when you’re living a good life doesn’t it?

Anyway my lovelies, here are your cards for this week, they were pulled from the “Unicorn Cards” by Diana Cooper

May the Unicorns & Pegasi bless your week.



Expect the unexpected this week, stay open to the gifts that the Universe is sending your way. The unexpected will be your guide for the week, embrace it, don’t fear it, for when you remain open to the unexpected then a life lived through that energy is a life well lived. If you fear it then set your intention that the unexpected will be for your highest good and the good of the lives that you touch. You are a powerful creator of your life’ creating with WITH the Universe, don’t you dare think for a second that you don’t have the choice in what you want to create. Set the intention that all that comes your way this week is for the best, then trust and believe in that intention. This week will be delicious if you let it be, or it can be a week where you are looking over your shoulder and jumping at shadows and anything else that comes to you.



It being ML King day is make sense this card will come up, for he walked a path of love and joy and you are being asked to walk that same path. This week feel the love that constant stream of unconditional love and joy that flows to you every moment of every day, then spread that love and joy to others who come your way. The path of love is not always easy but it is always worth it. But before you spread it to others you MUST feel it yourself for you can’t pass on what you experience yourself,  it’s time to open your heart to both love and joy; you deserve it, and your worthy of it. Start small do something loving for yourself, allow yourself to appreciation one thing in your life and then feel the joy from it flow into your heart, then ask the love and worthiness expands within then you can share that with those around you. This week your answers will be found in spreading love and joy in all your interactions.


“Archangel Raphael”

Raphael signals a time of healing and abundance has come upon you, the healing could be an old wound that you didn’t no existed or it could be a reconciliation with someone you thought you would never be able to reconcile with. The healing could also be of the mind, the body or of the spirit for healing comes in many shades and many colors. Abundance signifies both money as well as good, supportive people around you, and wonderful times as well. Abundance can be anything so stay open to whatever forms it chooses to come to you from money to new colleagues, friend, experiences, ideas, creativity, anything and everything good is a sign of abundance. Most important remember that when it comes to thank the powers that be and show appreciation for it and not take it for granted. Raphael works with the Divine green light of healing so it might be time (if you’re not already) to think about answering the call to be a light manifestor and learn a healing modality such as crystal healing, reiki or massage. Being a healer can be more satisfying that anything you could ever imagine. If you already are then maybe ask your guides or Divinity how you can do more with your healing and then ask them to help you step up to the next level of your development as a healer of the light.




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