My Spirit Guides for 2015


You see in any relationship communication and mutual respect is key, a relationship with a Spirit Guide is no different.

On the first day of every year I do what I call a releasing and gathering of my guides. I do this as I meditate, I first call all of those who have worked with me over the last 365 days in a sacred space in my mind. Once they have all arrived I then thank them for all that they have given to me over the last year, all their guidance, support, assistance in my work and life, gifts, teachings, presence, messages, love, care, companionship and friendship. I let them know of my extreme appreciation for anything and everything they gave to me freely and lovingly. I thank them for changing my life and making me a better person, and a better Seer and Healer.

I take nothing about my guides for granted. Because I once lived without them in my life, I turned myself away from them and their help, I walked a self made path of pain and lonliness of doubt and darkness. I know what it’s like to live without them and when (through the grace of the Universe/Goddess/God) I found my way back I pledged never to take their presence for granted ever again.

So I thank them for everything they gave to me.

Then I release my ties to them freeing them and myself so they we can both completely give ourselves to whoever the next one’s may be that we need to work with. This also honors the importance of the work that they do.

Then, once they are released I do what I call a “Guide Gathering”, where I stand in my scared place invite and and all guide who wish to work with me for my highest good to come and show and introduce themselves to me. They came one but one….

First was my liaisons to the Star Children; a race called the World Walkers, they introduce me to races and cultures from other worlds they have been too so that I can then learn about who they are and share it with people who do a Star Child reading with me in the future. They give me a chance to learn and download each race’s information so that I can record it and share it either in my writings or when I reconnect a person to their Star People. They will be introducing more races to me in the upcoming days and year.

After them came my guide Blurr a Pegasus (I worked with him in the last year so he came back again) Blurr is from my Star People planet and will be helping me connect and learn from that I live there. I’ll be writing more about this very shortly.

Next came a Blue and Gold Dragon appeared. His name is Jarvice (I can call him Vice) I’ve never really worked with a Dragon before so I was excited. The blue of his scales represent the calm healing that he will send me whenever I need it, the blue also represents communication. The Gold represents the abundance that he will be in charge of bringing to me, all I have to do is envision him brining it to me. He gifted me a gold sphere that I can use to look into and in on the Ethereal world, because that is a world I am being asked to work with more in the upcoming year. I can either bring whoever I’d like through it or I can go into it myself and visit the realm. Vice is  powerful, kind and wise. He joined his energy with mine through his paws and my hands; It’s an honor to be given the chance to work with and be linked to Dragon energy. He calls me a word in his language (can’t write it) and it means “beautiful soul”

Next came a Elf named Tal. Tal is the most high and trusted Counsel to the Elf Royalty, (once again I’ve never worked with Elves before and look forward to the opportunity). Eyes of rich gold, he wears white and the tunic and pants have this metal thread brocade on the sleeves, collar and down each side of his pants. The metal is gold in color and it sings with this high hum/resonance that comes from it. Be was sent by the royals to seek me out and be my liaison to the Elven world for I will need to begin to work them the Elven people and their magic of resonance and phasing into both the 4D and the 5D realms. They are masters at it, Tal especially and will show me how to master the magic of phasing and dimensional travel. He gifted me with a white motorcycle-LIKE jacket with the same metal only in bands of silver at the cuffs (that open and then lock when you put on the jacket and up the front of it and around the collar as well. This is my “uniform” that I will be wearing when I jump because of the metal is resonates at the dimensions higher vibrations and will attune my body to those as well. He told me that I was expected to begin to work much more on other planets and the dimensions of 4D and 5D and eventually 6D to go to the next level of my life’s work. Tal was told to teach me by the Elves in gratitude for the attunement I did with Reiki Fur Babies of the Unicorns who in turn attuned their entire realm. I accepted this opportunity as well.

Then came archangel Uriel who I worked with previously, I’ve recently channeled a message as well as a special prayer for manifestation from him for the book 365 Days Of Angel Prayers. We will continue to work with each other and he will assist me as my work with connecting to people who have crossed over.

The last flew straight at me, she was a all white Owl. She told me her name was Maurah and she will represent my inner spirit and light. She told me that the Owls will be coming to me more and that I need to work more in the evening as well as the day, that the evening will be calling to me to be a part of as the day now does because my life’s purpose will expand more into the evening. She said I will be more comfortable with the energies of the night as well (previously I’ve considered myself primarily a day person). She let me know that she was to show me how to stand more in my power as a Seer (she turned her head  completely around) which was a message that I’ll be able to see more clearly and intensely than I have before. She represents my femininity, my strength, my power, and I felt her connection to the Goddess Athena who I was told will be working me with more in the near future but not today. I think that Goddess energy might be coming in to work with me which I also have not worked much with in the past but look forward to experiencing in the future.

These are the main guides who will work with me in the upcoming year, I accept all of them their guidance, teachings, support, their gifts and love into my life with appreciation and honor.

If you’d like to read more about Spirit Guides, who they are and how to connect to them then read my article in “Off The Cuff” Magazine (page 80). I wish you and your guide love and wonderful connections.

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