Migratory Birds Attunement1

Migratory Bird Attunement With Reiki Fur Babies

Migratory Birds Attunement


Everything happens for a reason.

I channeled this post when it first happened over a 14 days ago I usually have record while I’m attuning but this one I didn’t. It was pure straight channeling. But then when I went to publish it my website crashed and I lost everything I had written. I felt so bad all the wonderful information these beautiful being was gone and I didn’t feel like I could get it back because I was too focused on what I thought I had lost.

But then a few weeks later I tried again and I got even MORE than I got the first time! The Migratory Birds told me that there was more since their attunement that they needed to say so everything happens for a reason.


Message from the Migratory Birds

We re looking forward to helping you all heal this earth, our flight patterns coincide with many of the Ley lines that cross this planet, as we fly will will be attuning the lines which wrap around this world. This will raise the RESONANCE of this world, the resonance when raised will open more gateways to other levels of existence. It will enable the planet to act like a huge signing bowl, calling outward to other places of existence that the planet is ready to be heard. When the resonance reaches a certain point as well she herself will go through a gateway, phasing in and out of this plane and connecting to others.

We want to say to all of you that this is a powerful reason why raising up your own personal resonance (everyday) is so very important, because for those who do not their journeys will be that much more difficult to go through. When you rise up through connecting to the Oneness (what animals call God/Divinity/Universe/Spirit) when you feel that connection and that love? Well, there is nothing better in the world than that. The time of only doing this once in a while or not at all is over if you want to come out of this on the other side and not get lost in the darkness you must raise your resonance up to the heights this planet is going to. Connect to whatever you can your guides, the angels, Oneness, Goddess, those from other worlds, it doesn’t matter who you connect to, the only thing that does is that you connect! There is really no other choice; this world is rising up to meet the gateways of other planes, the only question is are you going to rise up with us? We hope that you do.

Also joining me in this attunement are Aaron, Jenny Wilhelm and Sammy Reiki Master Cat Extrodinaire.


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  1. Ming November 17, 2014 at 6:33 pm #

    Coryelle, love this post. Timing is divine. Raising our vibration is definitely key and so wonderful that the birds are reminding us all to do this as well. Always an honor doing the attunements together.

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