Interpreting Messages Or Signs From Animals

Animals can often give messages to us through signs…
The signs or messages are not ALWAYS as easy for us to read as THESE are.

There are however many signs and messages being sent to us every single day, and we are at times not open to receiving them.

That’s because we may be too busy being human-doings to see a lot of the signs or messages that the Creator and the animals are sending our way.

So, learning to read and intuitively interpret what they are telling us can help to answer many questions that we may be sending forth to the Creator or Universe.

On a daily basis no matter where you are living, animals messages can be found. A person does not always have to be in nature to receive messages or to see signs from animals. If for instance, you are living in a City environment, don’t worry; the animals are sending messages to you there too! It just takes tuning in a little to become open so that the messages from your guides or animals around you can flow more easily to you. It is simply a matter of paying more attention, to what is happening around to see all the guidance and signs you are receiving.

When interpreting signs from animals it is something that is done through the heart. An opening of the heart is a must if you are wanting to begin to see the signs that are being sent. During the day I do a quick and easy exercise to open my heart and mind, this can be done as often as you feel the need to.
It helps me to clear any blockages that I think might be cutting of my connection to the animals or my higher self.

Quick & Easy Way To Open Your Heart Connection
First, I sit quietly in a chair
Next, I take 4 deep breaths. Now, 4 is a sacred number for me, it might help you to pick a number that is important for you, this will make the visualization more meaningful for you.
Hold each breath for 4 to 5 seconds (or for as long as it is comfortable for you) and then slowly release it, like I am blowing out a candle.
With each breath I release, I see myself blowing out any blockages or doubts that are in my mind or that I might be feeling.
If there is a specific place on my body (for example: my stomach is tied in knots or my shoulders are tense) then, when I blow out the breath, I take the breath IN from the place of tension and then blow out and as I am blowing out I focus on that area ad the release the breath and blow OUT through the place of tension.
So, as I am blowing out, the tension flows out of the body with the breath.

Now notice how good that feels!

This process slows down my heart, breathing and it calms me.
The blowing out the blockages, gives the feeling that I am actively doing something that is releasing my blocks.
After the 4th breathe, (r how ever many breaths it takes for you.
I then breathe normally and deeply.
Then, I bring my attention to my heart area, and I envision small doors in front of my heart,
Have fun with this part!
The doors can look however you want them to.
They can be French Doors, or Glass Doors, or they can be made from Silver or Gold, and as ornate as you would like.
Next, I envision these doors opening outward.
I take a few moments to feel how GOOD that feels, for me there is always a small release of tension at this point because I am totally opening myself to the Universe.
There is no “holding back”, it can be quite a freeing feeling.

Then, I say or think, something that tells my guides and the Universe that I am ready to receive their messages.
There is no “Set” sentence here, just go with whatever feel right to you.
For example:
“I am open to all your teachings and signs, I am opened to all guidance, because it is all for my greater good”

With your heart opened in this way, you will begin to see the signs and messages throughout the day. Once the heart is opened you will be amazed at the signs you begin to see almost immediately.
The signs and messages, can be something as simple as someone all of sudden talking to you about an animal. Hearing a song that is about an animal.
Taking a walk and finding something from and animal. Many of these are sign that are being left for you by the animals and the universe.
Once you begin to see the signs, you can start the process of interpreting.

Interpreting Your Signs and Messages
Ask the animal or your inner being what are your trying to tell me go with the first thing that resonates with you, this is using your intuition, which we all have and all use.

This is all done intuitively, the more you do it the easier it will become, and the feeling of being connected it unspeakable. Now because everyone’s experience’s and outlooks are different one sign can mean something to one person and another thing to another person. This is personal thing, ask what does this mean to YOU.

Be patient.
be opened.
remember to have fun with it.
and just be willing to see what the Universe is sending to you.

Guidance is just an open heart away.

Mitakuye Oyasin (Dakotah Sioux for “We are all one”)
Coryelle Kramer


5 Responses to Interpreting Messages Or Signs From Animals

  1. Cynthia May 12, 2009 at 2:54 pm #

    This is the best way to start with communicating with animals and you may not always get it right but you can get close.

  2. Coryelle May 14, 2009 at 6:43 pm #

    Hi Cynthia,
    You are absolutely right! You may not get the full message right off the bat (I can remember early on getting messages in fragments, and then a few hours or days later putting more and more together)That comes with doing animal communication for a while. The point is to stay open and willing and give it a try. Thanks for stopping my and leaving your comment.

  3. michelle bornstein August 23, 2010 at 9:46 am #

    I am having conflict at work and saw the cutes tree frog on the macdonalds drive thru order sign. What do you think the message is???

  4. Coryelle August 23, 2010 at 9:57 am #

    Hi Michelle!
    If you think that frog relates to work then it does. Frogs usually are very good luck and a sign that opportunities are going to be made apparent in your life.
    So maybe frog is telling you that a new job is in your future. The fat that he was hanging around McDonalds just might be that in your fast paced world it waas the best place where he could find you! Or that you might want to look at life as drive thrus, components in our lives are just a place where we stop for awhile, hang out and then continue our journeys.
    But all interpretations need to mean something to you.
    Just have fun with it!

  5. Morris June 6, 2013 at 2:27 pm #

    Hi Coryelle,
    I have been working on understanding signs from animals, specifically my cats. One time I was in my kitchen and feeling frustrated. Right then I blurted out to my higher self, “Can I get a little help here?” Just then my calico, who was out of sight at the time, ran into the kitchen, but I ignored her so she turned around and left. Then it quickly came to me that she WAS the help. I have learned that animals have a higher energy than humans and we can raise our spiritual energy level by being around them and petting them. After realizing that she was the help I asked for, I ran after her and she quickly came back. LOL! I grabbed a hold of her and petted her, which she loved. I then thanked her for coming to my rescue.

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