Hummingbird Attunement

In my previous post I wrote about the upcoming wild animal attunements that I will be doing with Reiki Fur Babies later this month. Well today, the Reiki attunements of animals continues…

This morning, as I sat at my computer a hummingbird came to the feeder hanging outside my office window. I love to hear them whiz and zip around and also to watch as they sit and drink the homemade nectar that I make for them.

Today, a female came to the feeder,Hummingbird female as she sat and drank, the thought suddenly occurred to ask her when she and the others be leaving? She said “soon, perhaps in the coming week.” I asked her if she would like a blessing sent to her and all the others hummers on the hill (what I call the mountain I live on) for the trip they would all be taking South? Without hesitation I heard “We would rather you attuned us instead!

I was happy to!

As I began to send the attunement, I felt such feelings of peace, joy, and of connection to them that was deep and profound. I received from the Hummingbird’s that this group would in turn take the gift of reiki, and pass it on to others. In my mind’s eyes I saw them whizzing and whirling around; attuning one another at lighting speeds! At that moment I KNEW by the end of the day hundred’s of Hummingbird’s would be attuned. By the time they were ready to leave thousands more would be attuned to reiki and ready to attune others on their way South.

I wish I could describe the happiness in my heart at being a small part of the amazing attuning wave I saw happen., it left me completely speechless and in awe.

Hummingbird reiki

I think this is what Hawk was saying in her message, that humans MUST be the one’s to attune the animals and other beings, for in attuning them, we become one with those we attune and with ALL life on Mother Earth.

I look forward to the opportunity of doing more attunements for the animals.





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