How to hear messages from your spirit guides

how to connect to your guides

Little intuitive tip: Someone told me today that a message I gave them from a horse helped them save a newborn foul’s life (first off a big YAY YOU!!), but then they said how they “wished they could hear their own messages.”

Well, here’s my 2 cents on that….
Sometimes it’s hard to hear the messages that are for you because you may be too invested in the answer (afraid of what you may hear). But here’s the thing; even someone like myself, a professional Seer, sometimes I have a hard time hearing the messages from my guides, the universe etc too.
So get good with THAT fact, it happens to everyone and you’re not doing anything wrong!

Next, if you want get the messages, then you have to show your guides and the Universe that you’re ready to listen.

I can’t really stress this enough, get into the habit every…single…day of connecting and opening up the channels of communication to your guides, angels, animal spirit guides, fairies, pixies, Mythical beings, other worlders, god/goddess/ascended master I don’t care WHO you connect to only that you connect!

Take time out to get quiet for a few minutes, litem to calming music or a meditation, go outside and listen to the sounds of nature or just get quiet and listen to your breathing, doesn’t matter what you use to open he channels of communication only that to DO.
Then do every day because your intuition/gut/psychic abilities/third eye/god-source-goddess connection is like a muscle in your body and just with any muscle the more you work it, the more toned it becomes. The more you use it, the easier and quicker your will receive and hear your messages of guidance and knowledge.

Try it for ONE week…
Make connecting to Divinity, or other worlds or planes, or to your guides or nature connect to SOMETHING and make it THE most important thing you do for that week before everything else. Make an effort to connect once a day (even if it’s only for a minute at a time)and do that for a week and see what happens and let me know what you find as well.
I defy you to say that at the end of that week that you haven’t gained something.
It could be you feel more connected, or you’ve received SOME message of guidance (no matter how small) or that you simply feel more open in your heart. I don’t know exactly what you’ll get but I PROMISE it will be something good.


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