Embrace your ego!


your ego is there for a reason

I want to talk about ego for a moment. I recently had a client who I attuned to reiki write me and say that she wanted to keep ego out of her healing work.

My answer to that was “WHY?”
She’s doing magnificent work! She healing people and bringing something to this world that no one else can, that should be celebrated not hidden away.

Ego to me has gotten a really bad rep, the word is being thrown around like it’s the boogie man, “watch out for ego….it’ll GET YA!” But this is what I’ve learned from my guides and from living my life. Ego is something you’re BORN with which means it’s given to us by God/Goddess/Universe/Source, and nothing that comes from Divine should be looked at as bad.

Ego allows us to feel out self worth, to know who we are and be proud of that, to stand tall and shout to yourself and the world “I matter, and what I do matters” without making apologies for it, or excuses why we do what we do and be who we BE.

Ego (and this is my opinion mind you) is where the Universe wants us to be, owning what we do and who we are, not questioning or putting a bushel over out light so that we can stay humble about the kick ass magnificent being we are.

Ego (again in my opinion) has been confused with hubris, which is NOT Divine given, it’s TAUGHT, it comes from when we really don’t believe in ourselves but want to pretend to the world and ourselves that we’re greater than we think we are, when in reality, it’s the last thing we truly do believe. You know the difference when you see it and when you yourself feel it. One feels good the other feels like it’s churning up your guts from the inside, one has you knowing a person is true when the other has your mind screaming “bullshit!”.

I just think we need to begin to embrace Ego stop being afraid it, stop bad mouthing it. Embrace it and of the magnificence that is us and own what we each bring to this world, because it was given to us by Divine and that says it all, doesn’t it?

We’ve all come through times where we didn’t know who we were, or our worth to this planet, feeling like low self esteem was a step UP from where we were, and I don’t know about you but those didn’t work out so great for me.

Ego is not the enemy, it’s our guide to showing us how amazing, unique, and outstanding we are. Being arrogant and hubris is the issue and it has no place in our lives, it’s masks the real feelings of inadequacy and clouds who we are and the life we came to here to live.

and that’s just my thoughts on Ego. Have a beautiful day.

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