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Dose of Positive “You Can’t Reach For Nothing If You Got Your Hand Clenched”

I got this Dose of Positive from my good friend Rhonda Riegel​.
We were talking about being in an open state of not trying to make things happen, but rather just letting them come to you.

You Can Reach For Nothing If You Got Your Hand ClenchedMy wise friend said “You can’t reach for nothing, if you got your hand clenched.
she so hit the nail on the head.

It’s not about trying, or making, or forcing, it’s not about being stronger, or bigger it’s about the answer to this simple question “are you allowing it in? Or are you not?”. When you get to that understanding it make things a whole lot simpler, and sometimes the answer may be that you’re not, but that’s ok; because the simple fact that you know you’re not gives you the opportunity to change it.

Change the thoughts to something that does feel like your unclenching your hands, your body, your soul into more allowing state of being. You’re worthy of EVERYTHING good that life has to offer, you’re deserving of it, you’re are more than good enough right here right now for it, the only thing you have to do it stop trying and let it in, to reach out and take it. Just like you need a open hand to reach out for anything you want to bring towards you, you need to be just as open in your mind and heart to allow in the things you want.

So if it feels like you’re more trying than allowing, stop, take a breath (or 2 or 3 or 4 or 10), center yourself and then ask “do my hands feel open to what’s coming my way? Or clenched?”



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