Dose Of Positive: “Sometimes A Little Rain Must Fall”

dose of positive(DOP) Dose Of Positive For Today is “Sometimes A Little Rain Must Fall”. In life you go through challenges, things that make you appreciate the good times. Because that’s what they are, the things you don’t want help to bring clearly into focus what you have and what you desire, the challenges are used to water they seeds of the positive in your life and those things you want in your future.

Just as in nature; in order to make something fertile and living sometimes a little rain must fall, it can’t be sunny all the time, even the deserts get rain once in a while.

Now, sometimes the rain is a light drizzle and sometimes it feels like a full blown hurricane, but the results are always the same, it helped to bring you clarity on what is important in your life. That’s a priceless gift that the Universe has given to us, otherwise we would never truly appreciate who we are and what we have would grow apathetic and uncaring it all, we would see life as nothing special and yes even boring.

Also like in nature when it’s all over, you see that the rain has left a rainbow of possibilities in it’s wake.


Sometimes a little rain must fall

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