postive actions beget positive change

Dose of Positive “Positive Actions Begets Positive Changes”

postive actions beget positive change

For those who don’t know I’ve been in the process of selling my home, and May 4th was exactly one month to the day that it was listed. It sold on May 5th.

Yesterday a couple stopped by and I went outside to talk with them they said that they saw the house online and even though they knew the house would be too small for them they felt compelled to come and see it and the land. How nice is that?

We chatted for a while and at the end they said that because of coming to the house they would now actively be looking for their home in the area. Which is great it will bring a wonderful couple to the area, not to mention money into the community etc.

After they left I sat an began to think about all the changes that have happened in only the last few days, from just the listing of the house.

One of the wonderful couples who didn’t get chosen to buy the house had a profound experience in town when the man suddenly remembered standing in almost the exact same spot years before as a child, he had totally forgotten that he had come here with his parents and was suddenly flooded with memories of the great time he and his family had here. They also felt “drawn to see the house and land” and also fell in love with the area and will now also be looking for their home here to.

The beautiful people who will be the new caretakers; who are so excited about being here, they’ll in turn bring their energy and they will effect others and the area in positive ways.

My realtor Lisa Tenneson who’ve I’ve been in a co-operative, manifestational partnership with; has in the 2 days since selling my house has sold 4 other listings one right after the other. When I told her she was on fire she said ” I rubbed up against you and it lit the flame!” lol!

My point is that you never know exactly how one small positive action you do will effect other lives in a positive way. All I did, was begin an action and from that action many ripples have come about, many changes for the better have come to life, all because of aligned action.

Now that’s god giving power, and you, and every single being on this planet has the capacity for it. Makes you think doesn’t it? Think about all those ripples you didn’t know you’d done but then also think about all the ones that you do.



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