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Dose of Positive: “Don’t Let Anyone Tell You What’s Possible”

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Dose of Positive “Don’t let anyone ever tell you that something’s impossible” Don’t EVER let anyone dictate to you, your possible. If you look at your life you’ll see instances where; against all odds, against all previous outcomes; against all the one’s who told you something was impossible or “would never happen” or was “unheard of” you manifested the impossible. YOU created that, YOU did that, YOU allowed it. And you did all that because you didn’t listen to the others who told you that just because it’s never happened before (or rarely) that it wouldn’t happen and it wouldn’t happen to YOU.

Don’t let anyone EVER tell you what you can do, the only being who knows what you can and can’t do is the Universe/God/Goddess/Spirit and it doesn’t see anything BUT your possibilities.

If the Universe doesn’t acknowledge what you can’t do why let another being who’s not the unconditional loving, all powerful, life giving force that creates everything tell you anything different.don't let anyone tell you what's possible

You tell THEM how it’s going to be, or just smile that’s knowing (it’s all good) smile and walk away. Don’t stand there agreeing with them, listening to them, doubting with them, just keep a “we’ll see attitude” remember all that other times you’ve heard the same thing and how all those other magical time turned out and move on.



The only person who has the true power to tell you what’s impossible for you IS you, and if you’re not believing it….well, there’s no force on this or any other planet that can stand against it and it will bend to your belief, making the impossible just another wonderful miraculous possibility, that you put on your list of “kick ass creating”.
Go for it!



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