Deer Attunement

Yesterday I had the honor of collaborating with Reiki Fur Babies to send attuning to the Deer in the USA. We began at 12PM EST (9AM PST), Ming & Candy began to send from the West in California and I began to send from the East in Upstate NY, all of a suddenly I felt as though I was floating off the ground and I knew that I was not in my body any longer. I began to see the state that I was sending to, no!, more like I WAS in the states. Place I traveled to during the attunements I either saw the Deer raise their faces to the light of the reiki that was pouring from my hands; or their bodies would seemed to just absorb it in wave upon wave.

At this point I felt hundreds of Deer surrounding me, as more and more became attuned they joined in my attuning of the others, until I felt like I was leading a giant ocean wave of energy pushing further and further across the country; until we all met in the middle.

When I got there I literally felt and SAW both Candy & Ming standing in front of me. We were in the middle of the Texas panhandle, (never been there but I can describe it in detail after this). We smile at one another and with hands out stretched on either side of us; we came together to form a triangle and began to send the reiki through that connection to finish the rest of the country. The waves from the West and the East coming together and spreading across the country.

After it was over I realize my cat Sam (a Reiki Master himself) never left my side while I  outside attuning the Deer, he stayed and he told me he was holding the space for us and gathering the Deer while we sent.
I knew I was part of a much bigger thing than I think I had ever been a part of before. I had this knowing that I was a part of a shift that would resonate within them forever, there would always be attuned deer on the planet. It will never be the same again and the immenseness of that was mind blowing.


Today I received this message from Deer Consciousness:deer

What we wanted to first say to all of you is thank you. Look what you have done for to us! We are resonating at a higher level than every before” (from Coryelle Deer consciousness then showed me a image of a deer with incredible green waves of energy coming off of them shimmering like the rays of the sun) In doing what you did we are now also more connected to human beings than we have ever been before, we can now work WITH you to sending healing to those who need it and the Earth Mother herself. We step into a new era with you, it’s an era that will be the foundation of what many things to come in the future, and we look forward to collaborations we will have in the very near futures.

“We want you to understand that we will still fall prey to those who wish to partake of our flesh, we can still be hurt, but now the Deer are much better able deal with all things that come our way. The attunements have given us gifts that will be with us forever…forever! Some Deer are Masters who will send attuning to the others on the planet and those to be born, some are healers who want to be able to heal all beings (not just Deer) but humans and other animals as well. You have walked to the door, opened it, and walked through it with us.”

“Just simple words cannot say how much this means to us” (Coryelle: “they then sent me feelings of intense unconditional love, peace and appreciation to share with human kind, it cascaded over me like gentle rain and filled my heart to the brink. I send those feelings out to you all now and to any who read this post in the future”)

“The Angels, Fairies and other beings of Divinity and Nature are smiling and joyous at what you have done, they join us in excited expectation for what Deer and Humans will do together.

From the bottom of our hearts…Thank you.




4 Replies to “Deer Attunement”

  1. Coryelle ,

    These attunements have been nothing short of magical !
    To be able to give such a gift to these wonderful
    beings is such a blessing ! So honored that we could
    do this together !!! Awesome way of joining west and
    east coast !!

    Much love and light ,

  2. Hi Ming, I completely agree with you, there is no better time and no better people I would choose to do these attunements with than you and Candy. The word magical has come up a lot in our conversations and I think it’s the perfect word that fits these experiences.

  3. Coryelle,
    Thank you for sharing this on your website! I was so moved when I read this and about the hawks it brought tears to my eyes. I am a long time client of Ming, and Candy. I am in awe of the work they do and their powerful healing connection to spirit. You all have inspired me to offer a similar healing to the animals. If you consider opening up the attunements you offer to the animals with other people I would be very honored to assist.
    In love and light, Cheri

  4. Hello Cheri, it’s so wonderful to meet you, We would love it if you would assist with the attuning. YES! so happy to hear that you will be offering this to the animals too!
    It’s REALLY important to note that RFB and I are not the only ones who can attune the animal world. Any person who can attune a person can attune the animals too. All that has to be done is to ask them and listen for their reply. RFB and I want this to spread like wild fire with others attuning the animals, plants etc who wish to be attuned; all over the world!

    Thank you for letting me know that you enjoyed my post, it means something special to me to hear that it effected you as it did. I appreciate you and your taking the time to read it.
    Many blessings to you

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