Day 28 Of 28 Days Of Loving Yourself

Well, here we are the 28th day.

I’ve really enjoyed doing this post every day both her and on Facebook, every day people would share with me the loves you have for yourselves and I saw how you went through the different stages of this process.

First there was excitement, shortly after that there was a little struggle to stick with it, to keep finding things to love; but you did. Then came the realization that you really COULD do this, that it was slowly getting easier and easier, until it seemed to take no time at all for you to find something that you truly loved about you. Maybe you’d discover something to love, but at the time it didn’t seem “true” , but you put it aside and came back to it a few days later…and maybe then it WAS true.  So you used it that day as something to love about yourself. That’s HUGE instead of just saying no to it, you stayed open to it, you said maybe and it later became one of your loves.

Now you have a arsenal of things that you honestly and truthfully love about you.

You’ve retrained your brain to see what you bring to this world and not what you don’t, that’s what this proposal was all about.

Thank you for joining me for it, and I hope you continue on with your journey of discovery of even more things to love about you.

With joy,


Day 28 Of 28 Days Of loving Yourself #love #empowerment



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