Day 15: 28 Days Of Loving Yourself

I’m not going to lie, finding things ever day to love about one’s self can be challenging. But if really feels good when you do, doesn’t it?

Today is 4 weeks since I began walking 2 + miles every day, and I honestly feel really good. I’ve also been watching just a little bit more what I eat, I notice that I feel lighter and more energetic but without compromising what my body is asking for. I went into all of it without a “goal” I went into it with the mindset of “let’s just see what happens and have fun while I do it”. Because for me if something isn’t fun then I’m not doing it, simple really and it works for me. So today I love that I have allowed in the healthy mindset because it’s bringing things into my life that I love to do, have fun, eat good food, and feeling good about myself.

What’s yours today?

Day 15 Of 28 Days Of Loving Yourself #selflove #love #empowement



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