Day 14: 28 Days Of Loving Yourself

Aside from it being Valentine’s day today is also the 22nd anniversary of officially beginning my career as an Animal Communicator and a Seer, and the 12th anniversary of making my career public on the internet.

It’s been an incredible unfolding of a astonishing journey, and if anyone would have told me 22 years ago what I’d be doing today and how far working with the animals and Divinity has brought me and how far it’s taken me as a person; I would never have believed them. There’s not enough words to relay how I feel on this subject, nor the amount of appreciation I have for being as blessed as I truly believe I have been.

So, with that said I make today about my profession, because though it I have grown to love myself in ways I couldn’t have imagined.


Day 14 of 28 days of loving yourself #selflove #selfesteem



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