Shift of Consciousness An Angelic Merge


photo by Kellepics

“Shift Happens” I love that saying.

We all go through shifts in our lives, times when we become even more the being we’re supposed to be. Sometimes those shifts are tiny, they usually happen through living our daily lives and we see, hear or feel something like we never have before. Sometimes those shifts are massive, making us feel as though we’re reborn and our whole world is changing; they can be painful, overwhelming and scary, then there are those shifts that are still massive but the outcomes are euphoric and jaw dropping (in a good way), they immediately shift us into the next platform of who we are and where we’re going; an “aha moment” if you will, giving use the immediate clarity of knowing that everything from this moment on will change but that all is well.

All are wonderful (even those that are painful) they are necessary in bring us to where we need to be on this journey of our lives.

On May 2nd, 2017 I had the latter happen to me. Looking back I could now see the signs clearly that something was coming, I even felt it; but I had also been going through a personal lull and reflective time in my life (as well all do). I say the following in all honesty because, I think it will help someone (I hope it does) and I’m also not saying it for compliments or praise, here goes; for a little while now I’ve been questioning my place as a Seer & Animal Communicator as well as a person in this world. I’ve been feeling disconnection (no that’s not the right word) muffled (that’s it) muffled in terms of seeing what I was bringing to this world. I felt connected to spirit and my work as a Seer and Communicator but I couldn’t FEEL the greatness of my life, and what I was bringing to it? (Hope that makes sense it does in my mind lol). When someone would say that I helped them or their animal(s) I felt wonderful hearing that but it was like they were talking about someone else’s experience and I frustratingly could fully FEEL what was being said, like I was a bit numb. It was an awful feeling and I tried a lot of things, from healings to prayer and meditation and even my flower essences but it was like part of my soul was halved, one was the metaphysical and the other was almost like a stranger.

I trusted that it would get better and kept hope alive but then I was a the same time questioning if I should continue or if I should let it all go and leave my metaphysical business. If I can’t FEEL what I bring to this world, why even do it?

When I began painting the “Soul Pieces” it began to ease, I began to feel the other half of my soul stirring in what I was doing, in the amazing works of art that I was channeling for people from their animals and I began to feel the greatness of my work it was such RELIEF. Then I received the message that I needed to do a cleanse of my body so I began a few days later and one of the things that I got called to do what drink water with an Amethyst crustal in it that it was very important so I began doing that, then another sign was that for 3 days straight after shuffling my oracle deck for 3 minutes or more each time, I would pick the same card. It was Melchizedek, you can see the video about him but basically the message was you are ready for an ascension and transformation and shift.

a few weeks ago that shift happened in a matter of moments.

As I sat in my mediation chair and connected I saw 3 angels in front of me (all 3 called me little sister and have for a while and I think of them as my big brothers) the first was Uriel (one of my main guides), the next was Raphael, and the third was Michael (another main guide for me). I don’t remember word for word what was said (a sign for me that it was a pure unconscious communication) but I remember Uriel saying “It’s time little sister” I say “for what?” and Raphael smiles and says “for you to connect to who you really are.” confused I say “who am I?” and then Michael says “One of us in human form” “huh, what?!” I say , “why do you think we call you “little sister.” “cause you like me?” I said. I remember them all smiling above me and chuckling, then Michael says “if you were an angel which one do you think you’d be?” I thought for a second and said “I don’t know Haniel?” They chuckle again Michael says “think higher, think BIGGER”. At this point I’m confused, why is this is important? What they heck does this have anything to do with the price of coffee in Brazil? But I’ve learned to trust Divinity so I say “Ok guys, if I WAS an Angel who do YOU think I’d be?” and they all smile and say at the same time “Ariel.” Ariel?? “Are you all out of your minds, that’s impossible!?” I yell (in my head), but then something began to happen, it was like a huge force poured down into the space and then come through  me ad something clicked into place inside of me. Suddenly I felt RIGHT, I felt FREE, I felt COMPLETE. There was no heaviness in my heart and I immediately began feeling what I bring to this world; all the things I’ve done, the animals I talked with the people I’ve helped it was a plug had been pulled and all the goodness of those actions came flooding through. It was the most wonderful experience of my life.

Then I began to notice other things, insights about how I felt that instant. All my fears and uncertainty were gone…GONE! Financial insecurity…gone,  hesitation about being who I am…gone! The last little part of caring what anyone thinks about me…gone! Forgiving myself any and all transgressions I may have done…gone! Self-judgements…gone! Any resentments for anyone…gone! But the barriers toward my work and what I bring to this word had all just suddenly vanished, GONE! My heart had been cleansed of all of that and more.

I could FEEL what I brought to the planet, I could FEEL the power of it the worthiness of it. It was if, someone had connected my soul with theirs, we joined and I was suddenly whole again and it felt RIGHT, it was perfection personified.

my crown chakra was tingling and opened fully, my third eye was released and even more information kept powering into my head and my hands were and body were vibrating with resonate. Then I heard her voice and she let me know who she was, I saw her in my minds eye. I suddenly knew that all was true, all was well and she said “are you ready to work together as one?”. Michael must have seen the hesitation because he explained “you share a soul with Ariel, you are a an Angel who is living the life as a human AND an Angel back in non-physical at the SAME time. This is so that you can both live and experience your dual lives at once. This is an important event because of the duality; usually the human is the reincarnation of the angel, even though they are tied together, the human lives their life and the Angel lives theirs, but in this case she’s seeing, hearing and experiencing everything you are! You will be in constant contact and when you learn how to merge your two powers, the force of it will be incredible and it will bring a much needed light to this world. You are the other half of her soul”

I didn’t question it, if felt too right. I turned to Ariel and she smiles then she said “We will bring something magnificent to this world.”

Not to be snarky merely truthful I say “You COULD of asked me first.”, Uriel replied “You ASKED for this little sister.” Then I remembered, I had asked for this. I asked over the last few weeks I asked for peace of mind, I asked to be connected in ways I haven’t been before, I asked to feel safe, secure, whole and it marked the time when I was really ready to receive it all and so they gave me what I asked for. I felt deviously happy, a big smile came on my face and I say to her “let’s do it!” The whole day was a precious gift, I felt truly happy, giddy even, I felt connected and safe, like I was wearing this kick ass suit of armor that was light as a feather and a part of me and it provided me with the certainty that all was well, truly 100%, no doubt about it, WELL.

“OK (I said) I’m sharing a soul with an archangel, what the hell do I do now?”

to be continued….Next installment “A Woman on the Merge”