I am being god to myself….

Atlantic Ocean at sunset Cape Cod Mass.
Atlantic Ocean at sunset Cape Cod Mass.

I wrote in an email that someone and replied “I am being god to myself”  .

of course want I intend to say was “GOOD”
But when my friend commented on what I had written I stopped and thought about it for a moment.
Then I suddenly realized how wonderful and powerful that tiny sentence was.

I am being god to myself

That was exactly what I needed to read, to see and to feel right now in my life, and I had written it as if I was giving a surprise gift to myself.

I am being god to myself.

The animals believe this on an even higher level than we do, and we call ourselves “advanced”.
I believed this as a child, I believed that I was a powerful incredible being that I had no limits to what I could do.
I believed that I was being god to myself.

I believed that all beings on this Earth had the same wonderful power as I did, and remember that I was excited about that knowledge.
I re-kindled the knowledge when I did my vision quest and became a pipe carrier, and when I started to the animal communication.
It became even stronger when I started to read and listen to Abraham-Hicks.
That feeling that the Creator, Source, Universe, God whatever, was a part of me and I was of it.
But, still there are moments where I forget and it takes a so-called “mistake” to make a huge re-discovery in my life.

I am being god to myself.

…..It simply says it all doesn’t it.

Mitakuye Oyasin (Dakotah Sioux for “We are all one”)