The only thing that matters is YOU

It’s almost 9AM the morning after the election and I still don’t know who has become the President of this country yet. Because I came to the place this morning where I went outside, the sun was rising, the birds were singing,  the world was still breathing, and I realized that ultimately all that matters is what I do as a being of this planet. How I treat myself, is how I treat others, how I love myself is how I love others, I am the template for how I treat the other beings that I share this world with.

So no matter who’s “won”, it doesn’t change how I live my life. There a peacefulness is that, not caring about what others deem as SO vitally important to their lives. That I can not care, and be in that peaceful state of non-knowing bliss and clarity that comes with making sure that MY head , MY heart and MY soul are screwed on right before I get drawn into the outside influences of this world.

Ultimately the only thing that matters is YOU, and getting yourself in alignment with the vibrations and the energies, of your spirituality, your guides, your world and your divinity within, THEN those other things will take care of themselves. We tend to think we have to know FIRST and THEN we’ll feel better, nope, it’s the other way around, feel better FIRST and THEN those things will not pull you out of your place of peace, your place of knowing, your place of clarity.