Opossum’s Attunement

Opossum message

Participating in this attunement were Sammy Cat & my Twin Flame Aaron

The minute I began to send Sammy came in a said “I want to be a part of this!” A few years ago he had a funny and beautiful experience when he friended a Opossum. I caught them one summer evening sitting side by side (butt next to butt and I kid you not) looking up at the stars together! Then the Opossum turns his head and looks at me over her shoulder (the intruder) and I heard “Do you mind? We’re trying to have a private conversation.” Yup! if I had a camera with me at the time I would have most than lily have won the prize for best Funniest Home video. Alas, you just have to take my word for it that I can’t make this stuff up!

Anyway Sammy wanted to be a part of it, and sat by my side as I sent. I immediately began to receive their message

Message from Opossum

The healing of this world is something we are very much looking forward to participating in. Because it celebrates the new era of people standing with animals as brothers and sisters. Our attunement, the healing that we will send out, we want to help heal the bonds between people and animals. Send out or healing with the intention of attuning and healing the bonds between humanity and animals kind making the positive stronger and the discordant positive. Allowing in the healing that this relationship brings to both side because it’s not only the people who benefit from knowing and connecting with us, it’s just as powerful and important to us as well the healing is felt on both sides.