Red Tailed Hawk- Spread Your Wings & Trust Yourself

I received this communication from a spectacular red-tailed hawk on July 26th 2008. The hawk circled 4 times 20 feet above my head, then soared further and further up into the sky.

I remember that I had a lot of things on my mind that day (don’t ask me what, thankfully I have since forgotten them all!) but I do remember having worry, doubts and feelings of being overwhelmed coming up.

As he was flying this is a communication that I received…

“You need to see things from another perspective, you needed to get away from the situation so that you can focus and see clearly, yes, it was indeed a good idea to go for a walk.”
“What should I do?” I said.
The hawk went on “Look at things in your life from on high, try to gain flight and trust that the wind will carry you to where you need to go.”

“Trust, yes that IS a bit of a challenge of late” I said.
The hawk continued.. “I trust, you must learn to trust, not only in the Creator, that is not a problem for you. You need to trust in YOURSELF and what YOU can accomplish and achieve. You said that the Wakan Tanka part of you (I say this when I do my morning greeting of the day).

But you also said that YOU are part of WANKAN TANKA, that was truth! THAT is why we are here.”(I learned a few weeks later what he meant by this statement).
My hawk teacher then said “You are ready to go to the next stage, but if you want to get to the next stage, you must know that to doubt, to worry, to regress to fear, is to doubt yourself, but in doing so you doubt the Creator, you fear the Creator and you worry what the Creator will do. Since we are all connected and a part of the Creator, then you doubt all.”

Suddenly, I felt a door opening somewhere in my mind, I understood! Immediately all those other feelings left me and I felt happy, elated and free! I felt like I was flying, I told how I felt to my hawk teacher.
He then said to me….

“Envision yourself flying when you start to doubt or worry.

That is what the Eagles were telling you when you were kayaking last week on the Lake. Spread your wings and jump, feel yourself flying and trusting and knowing that you will be ok no matter what. Let yourself go and take your power and your strength and fly with them.”

I never forgot that day and what that wonderful being taught me. I now pass on this knowledge to you.
Mitakuye Oyasin (We Are ALL Related)

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