Weathering Any Storm: Emergency Care For Your Pet


I’ve taken a lot of emergency pet care classes over the years, and I thought now would be a good time to share some of them. These tips will hopefully make a storm like Irene or any natural disaster or traumatic situation easier on you and you animals. This post will have both homeopathic and flower essence first aid as well and common sense tips that I’ve put together over the years. Just so that it’s clear my goal here is to make the emergency situation more manageable for both you and your animal, it’s not to tranquillize them, they still may exhibit some fear but that is natural (and healthy!). These tips are to help less panicked and more clear headed. This information is NOT a substitute for veterinary care, please get your animal to their vet as soon as possible.


  • Don’t panic!

Staying calm in any emergency situation is a huge asset to both you, and your animals. They sense when you’re panicked and it can make an already fearful situation even more so for them and you. Staying as calm is also a benefit because you will be better able to see the answers in fast paced situations. So take a deep breath, center yourself anyway you can then you will be able to see what is happening with clarity.

  • Putting your animal in a safe place

Animals are very visual and oratory, they hear and see thing s way before we do, Finding a nice stable safe place for them within the house or barn away from window, may help to keep them calm. In the home a place such as a hallway with a baby gate to keep them in might be a good option. Since hallways are usually in the middle of the house, it muffles the noise and the vibrations a little bit more. Also since there aren’t any windows they will not be focused on the visual part of the storm or event.

  • Awesome flower essences for emergency situations.

Some of you may know that I’m a certified bach flower specialist for both pets and people. I’ve been working this them  for over 10 years and the results have been incredible. I’ve also written a great deal about the Flower essences for pets in posts on my blog these other posts are also a wealth of information for both you and your animals. The results with these essences can be anywhere from instantaneous to with in a matter of minutes or hours.

the list of emergency flower essences to have on hand are:

  • Five Essences Remedy: This is the “Don’t leave home without it” all around great essence to have on hand. It is made up of a combination of 5 essences what help people and pets recover from any kind of traumatic or stressful situation. The essences inside are: Clematis (to help bring back clarity), Cherry Plum (that losing control trembling, and tense feeling), Rock Rose (panic), Star of Bethlehem (the reflex to play dead AKA losing consciousness).  These are all negative behaviors patterns that can come out when someone is overstressed or hurt in a traumatic or disaster situation. I would also suggest essence for YOU as well, to help you remain focused and alert. Rescue remedy also comes in a cream form (great for wounds and cuts)
  • Mimulus: This is the Bravery flower, this essence is the one to give when there is a SPECIFIC fear (ex: fear of loud noises, wind, thunder, riding in cars, etc)
  • Crab Apple: This is the cleansing flower. not only is this good to give if you suspect an animal has ingested something dangerous BUT it is a excellent WOUND CLEANER! take a glass bowl will with clean water put 8-10 drops in the water, take some gauze or cotton and gently clean the wound, apply rescue remedy cream and then wrap the wound thoroughly.

How to Give: putting the drops in water is usually the best way and the SOONER the better. If you know that there is a chance for a storm or other stressful situation to occur in the next few days begin putting the drops in the water as soon as you can. This way by the time the event occurs the essences will have built up in their systems and they will be better able to handle it. Dosages Cats: 3-4 drops, Dogs 4-6 drops, Horses 8-12 drops (cut an apple drill holes fill holes with the essences), Birds 2-4 drops, reptiles 3-6 drops (depending on how big they  are). If needed you can also put on their food is necessary but water works best.

For emergency treatment when putting in the water is not possible: DO NOT put the dropper directly in their mouth, the dropper is made from glass and they could bite down on it. Take the drops put them onto your finger tips and then rub on the INSIDE of the ear (this is a large collection of veins here so it will go into their bloodstream faster). Or on the tips of their noses, they will  automatically lick it off. For birds under their wing which also has a large amount of veins there. For reptiles and other animals on their noses (they will lick it off).

 Where can I get the flower essences?: Generally any health food, or specialty store should have them But rescue remedy is become so well known that you may also be able to find them in your local drug stores. If you have time before you want to begin ythe treatment then you can also buy them online.

  • Homeopathic Remedies

NOTE: Each of the remedies below can be given up to three times in an emergency situation. If the remedy has no effect after three doses, stop and try another remedy. Most remedies have an effect by the third dose if it will work at all. Also, once you see improvement or the symptoms stop, stop giving the remedy. The animals will do the rest of the healing by themselves. These can also be found in specialty stores or online if time allows. X and C are usually the best dosages for animals

here is a chart for 3-4 Pellets

6X give every 5-30min for INTENSE


3-4 Hours a day  for SLOW


6C give every 5-30min for INTENSE


24 Hours a day for SLOW


12C give every 5-60min for INTENSE


1-2 TIMES a day for SLOW


30C give every 5-90min for INTENSE


1-2 TIMES a day for SLOW

For Diarrhea: Use Nux vomica 30C (three pellets orally repeated every hour or after each bowel movement, up to three times).

For Vomiting: Use Ipecacuanha 30 (three pellets orally, repeated every time vomiting occurs, up to three times.)

For Vomiting and Diarrhea together: Use Arsenicum album 30C (three pellets orally, every time it happens; up to three times)

For Constipation: Use Nux vomica 30C (three pellets orally, every hour for up to three doses)

For poisoning or over indulgence (usually results in vomiting and/or diarrhea):Use Nux vomica 30C (three pellets orally every time you see vomiting or diarrhea, up to three times

For Fears and Anxiety: Use Aconitum nepalis 30C or 200C (three pellets orally at the time the animal seems fearful or anxious; up to three times)

For red eyes with mild discharge: Use Euphrasia 30C (Eye bright), three pellets orally every 12 hours for three days. Also use holistic eyewash made from Eye bright. This can be purchased at many Holistic pet stores (such as Whiskers at 235 East 9th Street, New York, New York, 1-800-WHISKERS).

Warning: Some eye conditions require immediate attention. You may want to take your pet to your local veterinarian to determine whether this is simple conjunctivitis or a more serious problem. For simple conjunctivitis you can try the above routine. If the condition does not seem to be getting better in one to two days or if it gets worse, you should see a veterinarian to determine extent of problem.

For Trauma (either physical or emotional) as well as to after any surgical procedure including dental work, spay, neuter, or other surgery: Use Arnica montana 30C (three pellets orally every 8 hours for one to two days). This remedy is also very good for use after excessive exercise for strains or minor injuries.

 ARNICA (for Bruises) and CALENDULA for cuts and abrasions) ALSO COME IN CREAM FORMS!!


The above is a general guide to emergencies. However, if the condition you are treating does not get better in few days or gets worse, take your dog or cat to your local veterinarian for evaluation.

Being prepared and having some, if not all of these items on hand will help you and your animals be ready to weather any storm or situation that may come your way.