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Cards for week of 3-9-15

This week’s cards are from the Osho Zen Taror deck by Ma Deva Padma.

3-9-15 cards

Pick your card by looking at the image that most resonates with you and then read the message. It’s fun to see when you use your intuition just how right it can be.

Which card drew your eye? Which one spoke to you this week?

“Past Lives” This week your past is and will be coming up a lot, there maybe things about it that you haven’t embraced, released, made peace with or it might be a matter of a past experience where you gained more knowledge and wisdom than you thought it did shows up in order for you to really see just how far you’ve come and how wise you are. It might also be time to do a past life reading opening the door to the lives you’ve lived before so that you can grow in this one. Be aware of the past coming through not only in events, but in your dreams, meditations and your physical encounters, take this opportunity not to be afraid of it but to see it as a roadmap to the amazing person you are right now.

“Control” OK this week for you us about letting things GO, there’s something that you’re trying control and it’s not working out because you have to learn that you can’t contra the uncontrollable. Stop trying and being knowing.
Know that all is well, know that they Universe is bringing to you all that you desire (your job is to allow and let it in) know that you are worthy, that you are loved, that things can change in a SECOND from something you don’t want to something you do if you only let go of how “wrong” that thing may be. Control is a illusion, it’s NOT up to you to make something happen that burden is the responsibility of the Universe/God/Goddess etc The ONLY things you that ARE your responsibilities are asking for what you want and allowing whatever it is you want in. Control is impossible, knowing that you and the Universe can is everything.

“Sorrow”:  Don’t be afraid of your feelings especially the intense ones. This week feel your feelings but don’t get trapped inside of them. If they need to, allow the tears to flow, if you need to cry, to scream to vent to feel your pain then do it. Don’t hide from it, but know that there is a time when you need to stop living in the pain of the “was & is” and living in the solution and the sunlight of the NOW. This card also signifies that there maybe something that you are not dealing with, you’ve acted like “all is well” and are denying your true feelings about them. You can’t really release anything that bothers you unless you first acknowledge it, embrace it and make peace with it. Honor how you feel about the things that come your way but don’t forget (just as in the card) when the time is right to look around and find the way out of that sorrow and exit out of those same feelings.


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