Cards for the week of 4-28-15

oracle cards from the Crystal Oracle deck for week of 4-28-15


Here are your cards for this week, the deck that wanted to be picked from is the “Crystal Oracle” deck by Toni Carmine Salerno.

Pick a card intuitively by choosing the one that most resonates for you. Which draws your eye? Which crystal’s energy talks to you the most? When you’ve chosen one, look below and read their message.

Additional guidance for the week

Want to get even more out of this reading? Then whichever of the crystal people resonated with you try to incorporated them into your life this week, either by wearing them, holding them, carrying them, or even keeping an image of them close to you (ex: as the desktop image for your computer, tablet or phone). Incorporate their energy into your life and see what they bring to it. Do you feel less stress? happier, more balanced? Do you begin to feel more open intuitively or connected to Divine love or guidance more strongly? Really try to FEEL the power of the crystals and stone people and their messages this week.

Snowflake Obsidian

The last few weeks/years have been a sort of planning stage or incubation period of you; biding your time so that you can gather the energy that you need for the actions and movement that the Universe is bringing to you. The time for incubation is OVER. This is the imd of movement and action for you, if it hasn’t begun to happen yet, then hold on to your seat because it’s coming and SOON. Your ideas and inspirations will become a living breathing manifested entity, use your intuitive to choose the directions that they need to go it, this week is not about thinking it’s about feeling what’s right for you. If there have been problems surfacing in your life that make you feel confused and uncertain the answers for them come your way this week. Carry this crystal with you to help you with those problem solving issue that come up. You are protected, you are capable, you can’t make a wrong decision so don’t let fear hold you back.


Tiger’s Eye (Blue, Red or Yellow)

It’s time to release the stinking thinking of late, time to get out of your head and ground yourself to the energies of the earth. When we live too much in our own head we are many times “behind enemy lines” we are over thinking our actions, reactions and emotions, we are questioning and doubting our connection to Divinity and Spirit, we feel “raw” and emotionally unbalanced, we can also feel unworthy, and unloved. This week for you is about ground and getting out of your own head. Connect with Divine, feel your worthiness, release the tension in your gut that comes from fear and doubt. This week is about communication, communication with Earth energy to quiet your mind and thoughts, communication with the Universe, Divinity, your Guides, Ascended Masters, any power that you feel you can rely on and listen to so that you are connected, communication with people stating what you need and how you feel clearly and openly, communication with your emotions enabling you to see which serve you and which don’t, which emotions are really just an old reaction to keep you “stuck’ in old thinking, which are true and which are false. Do all you can to calm your thinking so that you can clearly here you inner being and the guidance and love that is coming your way.



You are being called to open yourself up even more to your psychic abilities, are you going to answer the call? Become more aware of your intuition, your thoughts and your dreams this week, their messages will be very powerful for you and will hold instructions for the upcoming weeks and months of your life journey. This crystal signals that it’s time to go deeper, open wider to the Universal energies you’re ready, the Universe knows it, your guides know it, the Earth knows it, and your inner being knows it. Trust in that knowing open yourself to meditation, if you do it already then go deeper, longer, open yourself up to those things you haven’t before whether that would be the angelic or ethereal realms or other planets or to past lives or akashic records of yourself or the earth, this crystal is asking you to go deeper, the time for limited connection is over, this week begins the age of connecting intensity. The training wheels are coming off, your psychic abilities will no longer be content being on the shelf or being ignored, step up and fully open yourself to your god-given intuition.

Have a great week!

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