Cards for the first week of 2016



Happy 2016!

The Journey of the Hidden Realms wanted to be your first cards for the year.

How it works: (For those who don’t know) Choose the card that most resonates with you and then read it’s message and guidance for the week. I think you;ll find that all the cards are perfect ones to begin the first week of 2016 with. Enjoy!


“Nine of Wands”

This card is about passion, living life to the fullest and making no apologies for it. It’s about allowing in the fires of creativity and letting them burn bight in your life. it’s about dancing your dance of your life like no one is watching. This week keep your mind open to the creative projects and ideas that are coming your way, when we are creating we are in a direct link to Spirit, Divinity, God, Goddess and those things that come through should be honored and brought to life. Don’t downplay what your creativity and ideas bring to this world, embrace them! This card is also a sign that a new friendship or relationship maybe coming your way this week a passionate, loving one where you both “get” one another almost instantly, it’s important to remember to give thanks for those people in our lives who bring us the love and support that we want. This could also mean that a relationship or friendship that is holding you back from burning brightly will be released this week, for the like the Phoenix rising from the ashes you have to leave whatever doesn’t serve you behind and step into the You that you are supposed to be.


“Five of Pentacles”

This card signifies that you are coming out of a challenging time, it may have been emotional, physical or even spiritual but the important thing is that it’s LEAVING you. You came through it with loving support with people, your guides or your animal companions who had you back, and just like the spring eventually overtakes the winter you will over take your challenges as long as you put your face towards your future. For the past (like in the card) is a tombstone which signifies that is dead in the past, do not keep bringing it with you, don’t keep bringing it into your now LET IT GO! The woman are facing their future they are facing away from what was towards what will be. This week let go of as much of the past as possible, ask your guides to help you, ask the angels to relieve you of it, become more conscious of what you’re saying and thinking so you can nip the stop dragging the past with you into all that you do like a piece of luggage. Acknowledge that whatever it was or whoever did what to you has made you a stronger person because of the experience, acknowledge it, embrace it, the you make peace with it.


“Life Renewed” 

This is the “Judgement” card in a usual tart deck so it’s talking about starting over, and leaving judgement of others and of yourself behind you. It’s the time for fresh starts and new beginnings! This card is all about beginning with a clean slate where you can write the future however you want it to be. You have a change to take the acorn that little girl is holding out to you and planting it so that it will grow into a magnificent oak. But you can’t do that if you plant in soil that is not rich in nutrients and life. You can’t plant your acorn in the land of the past and expect it to grow, it needs the nutrients of the present and future for the grow to happen. This is a new year! Don’t waste any time looking back, look the what will be; not what was. This card is showing you that you are being given the opportunity to begin anew and step out of what you were and step into what you are meant to be.



May you week be magical!



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