Boar & Pig Attunements

Boar Attunement Coryelle KramerThey came to Ming and let her know that their time for attunement had come and I was so happy to be doing this one for them. I’ve always believed Boars and Pigs to very intelligent, loving and power beings. It’s nice to be able to give to back for all that they have given to us. They stepped right into their attunement without any hesitation, it went almost instantaneously. They will in turn attune all of their domesticated brothers and sisters.

Boar energy had a more of a “straight no chaser” feel to it, meaning they are very forward and very blunt about their feelings and the way they see the world. Pig energy felt to me to be softer around the edges but they still are straight to the point they don’t hold their feelings about anything back.

As I sent the attunement to them, I saw images flashing in my mind at one point I saw a profile of a boar and a pig (like the one below) but against a starry sky. Then the profiles faded but no before points of light were set in certain places of the images then lines were drawn connecting the points of light to one another. as if the profile becomes a constellation in the sky

I really don’t know much about astronomy so later I goggled it and found that Ursa Major was long ago once considered the great Boar, then the name was later changed to the Bear constellation! I got some goosebumps when I read that I can tell you. Then I heard the phrase “Boar, Pig and human anatomy have many similarities” (might have heard that when I was training to be a Vet Tech). I felt this huge connection there was something about that statement, something that resonated deep within me, there was a connection there to us, the Boars and Pigs and the Stars themselves. Something I will talk more about in another post. Then images of Pig and Boars with their family flashed in my mind, and then their message came through.

Boar & Pig’s Message

Boar Attunement 2 Coryelle Kramer“It’s good that you have finally gotten to us, we know that we had a place a position in line to be attuned but we’ve been very eager for our time to come, it’s good it’s finally here.   This attunement ushers in a new era of us working together. For those of you who WISH to be in that connection with us, THESE are the people we are taking to, the people who see us and your connection to you. This will only get stronger. By the end of 2015 there will be a new constellation in the sky, it will be a constellation that represents Pig/Boar and it will signify very clearly just how powerful, strong and ANCIENT your connection to us is. The planets are aligning, they are shifting and this constellation WILL form.”

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  1. I found this post very interesting i had always had the feeling there is some kind of significant connection between humans and pigs I have always thought there was something more than coincidence that we share such similar anatomy and their screams invoking terror in humans and the descendants of Abraham having so many rules surrounding them.

  2. Thanks Matthew, I’ve learned that there are never coincidences there’s only ever a divine plan, and yes you raise interesting points yourself about those of the Jewish faith and their fear their screams hold over humans, so thanks for that!

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