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Beginning My Skin Art Journey

6 days ago I had the first installment of outlining my first tattoo, the next day when I took the wrapping off I stared at my reflection stunned, mouth open and then the tears came rolling down.

I was crying, not because I regretted getting it put on my body, but because of the totally freedom that I felt coming from it.

With this one act I felt like I was emerging into my true self, and I came to realize that all my fears were just gone.

I finally found an symbol that would represent not only me,  who I am,  and who I was becoming, but how I see life on this planet, as well as it being a symbol for my Twin Flame Aaron, as well as our Star People.

WHEW! Yea that was a lot of emotions coming through. Then I noticed how it fit perfectly on my body, how it accentuated it and how it adorned it and I felt reborn.

The words I wrote on Facebook said it all….

“This morning I woke with a sense of freedom like I’ve NEVER had before.

As I realized that one by one I’ve conquered my fears, they have fallen like dust. Fears like trust, doubt, alcoholism, drugs, anorexia, bulimia, commitment, powerlessness, the future, the past, loneliness, enclosed spaces, heights, vulnerability, death, and now needles and having something permanently and forever more put on my body… gone.

One by one I’ve walked through the desolation of each fear to get to the other side of the freedom that each one kept me from, I thought I loved this design but it’s turning into SO much more, because things I never even thought of, are coming out for this experience…like wings. 🙂

This couldn’t have happened at a more perfect time in my life and appreciation to the Universe abounds inside of me, for I now know in my very soul that there is NOTHING I can’t do.
And now know…don’t let anything ever hold me back, not even if it’s myself.”

I can’t wait to see how this continues to unfold….to be continued


Wing tattoo


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