Attuning The World’s Animals To Reiki

Since becoming attuned to Reiki Master on July 5th 2013 my life hasn’t been the same. Before that for close to 8 years I was a level 2 practitioner, and honestly I had felt for some time unmotivated to really utilize it. I enjoyed sending it, but it didn’t feel like it was a huge part of my life’s purpose, not in the way animal communication and the flower essences were.

I also didn’t feel the need to be attuned to the next level and become a Master of Reiki either. Every time I thought about doing it; something would happen; either I couldn’t find anyone I resonated with to attune me or I got the feeling that it wasn’t the “right time”.


power of reikiEarly in July my good friend Ming Chee-Brown, co-founder of Reiki Fur Babies sent me a message on Facebook and told me that she had been told that it was time to attune me to Reiki Master. It felt right, so I went with it, and I’m glad that I did!

Ming and Candy also attuned my cat Sam to reiki as well and he’s now a Reiki Master too, you can read about it in this post on the Reiki Fur Babies site. I’ll also transcribe a post directly from Sammy himself soon.


Many incredible opportunities have happened to me since being attuned, for one I hear ALL the animals MUCH more clearly than I ever have before. Not only the animals but the trees, plants, insects and the Earth itself!

Now, when I do a reiki session the power coming through my hands is SO much more  than it was in the past and the results are even more incredible. Communication with other beings has also changed. While doing sessions I have had communications with fairies, water nymphs, beings from other planes that I both see and hear. and my ability to speak with the spirit world is also much more clearer too.

So many gifts have come to me in so little time, and my appreciation is beyond measure.

Now it’s time to put what I received into to action….

During a message conversation with Ming about a deer she would be attuning I felt the need to connect to the Deer Consciousness (there is consciousness for ALL things on this planet and you can tap into  each one and communicate with all the beings who belong to it). I did and this is what I received:
We have been waiting for you for a long time, we are ready to receive when you are ready to send” I wasn’t sure what they meant so I asked “What are you ready to receive? Do you mean reiki?” they said “Yes, we have been waiting for this collaboration for a hundreds of years, what you will do will usher in a new consciousness for your people and new evolution for us.

I was floored! I received all this in a split second and I knew in my very core that there was not doubt of it. I then received that I needed to connect to the Hawk consciousness, Hawk  is a very special animal to me and also to Ming. We share a strong bond with them and have each been told that we are Hawk Clan.

I knew I had to connect to them so I did; I let them know who Ming and I were and why I was connecting to them and this is what they said: “We know who you are, there is no need to introduce yourselves, we have been waiting for you, in fact all sentient life on this planet have” I asked for clarification reiki the worldI asked Hawk Consciousness said “Both of you will start a new time of healing for this world and for us.” I asked “Why is it that you aren’t able to begin it yourselves?” they replied “It MUST be this way, for this way the PEOPLE of this world will be an active part of the change, you will start it, they will continue it and it will grow in the places and hearts that it needs to grow in the most, as you do, your people benefit, and so do we. The connection to this world for you will be like never before!


Honestly at this point honestly, my mind was COMPLETELY blown, I’m not kidding you, The HUGENESS of the message, and what it meant; washed over me like a tidal wave. I became lightheaded, but instead of falling I felt both the Deer and Hawk replies hold me up.

In September Ming & I, will begin with Deer and Hawk, who will in turn attune their next generation and the next and so on, and so on….this is only the beginning for them and for Us.



7 Replies to “Attuning The World’s Animals To Reiki”

  1. I got such chills and tears in my eyes reading this! What a wonderous thing that is happening! I am so blessed to know you ♥

  2. Coryelle,

    This is a wonderful post. Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I love how hawk and deer consciousness came to you.

    Giving healing and attuning animals is such a joy. I think you and I are going to experience something very magical this month.

    I can’t wait and much love to you!

  3. Oh Coryelle…how awesome indeed. Blows my mind. Oh to have a piece of this action. I am so blessed to have you as a friend and my dogs are blessed as all the animals of the universe are…you are one very special lady and you are listening..I love you…big hugs

  4. Isabele thank you! I feel the same about you and the amazing healing that you do. What’s important to note with all of this is that ANYONE can get a “piece of the action” this is not something that is any way limited to me, Ming and Candy. Anyone who is able to attune, simply has to connect to them and then ask them to show you which of the animal species would like to be attune. They will respond if you ask, you just have to listen. 🙂

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