Attuning the Street & Fighting Dogs


Street Dog Attunement

A few weeks ago, the collective consciousness of the wild street dogs came to me and said “We want to be attuned too!” I contacted Ming of Reiki Fur Babies and the date of 12-22-13 was picked.

1+2+2+2+1+3 = 11 and goes to the number 2

I find with every attunement numbers are playing an important role.

From the Angel Numbers website BTW both gave me chills….

Number 11:

The karmic Master Number 11 symbolizes the principles of spiritual awakening and enlightenment, high energy, idealism, inspiration and intuition, illumination, visionary, enthusiasm, creative/creativity, self-expression and sensitivity, and mysticism.  Number 11 tells us that to connect with our higher-selves is to know and live our soul mission and life purpose.
Number 2:
resonates with the vibrations and attributes of service and duty, balance and harmony, adaptability and diplomacy, co-operation and consideration, receptivity
and love.  Number 2 also relates to partnerships and relationships, intuition and insight, faith and trust and your Divine life purpose and soul mission.
I began. I received the message that I should do this sitting as low to the ground as possible, this would protect me from the intensity of the feelings that may be coming in during the attunement time, helping me stay grounded. When I began to send I felt this overpowering sense of WANT, this DESPERATION like I never felt with the other attunements, and I was glad that I had listened and grounded beforehand.
Then as I began to send and I saw all these wild street dogs in my mind’s eyes and as I came across each one they become enveloped in this beautiful gold light. I felt this peace come over me, and I knew that it was from the dogs; it felt like they knew they were finally going to be OK.They let me know that with this attunement they felt much more able to handle any situation that came there way. The dogs told me that they were happy the most over being able to attune their pups in the future.

As I sent to the Street Dogs I heard that it was time to attune the Fighting Dogs as well, their consciousness said “The time has also come could you attune us now as well?” Fighting dogs are also wild they are living day to day from a primal/survival instinct stance. When I sent to them it felt like the energy from my hands was sending them shields and armor and I also saw them each become enveloped in this gold light and I felt their peace at finally feeling safe; and it washed  over me like it was with the street dogs.

These attunements I felt were going around the world, I was in the US, Indonesia, China, Thailand, Russia, Italy, Scandinavia, South America, In Africa the Hyenas and Jackals were attuned on and on I went and in each place I saw all the dogs being attuned, I felt their joy and their relief, the desperation evaporated, and replaced with the peace.

Then I sent to the West and I saw Ming’s Dog Sammy Diva (Reiki Fur Babies) run toward me, tongue out and smile on her face, and all these Street and Fighting Dogs are around her and I see she’s attuning them too, she runs up to one of them and they touch noses and then runs up to another and runs up to another and so one.

I saw Ming and Candy, and Jennifer Wilhelm (who joined us for the Redwood Attunement) and of course Sammy Diva.

There was a huge difference in this one compared to the others, it was just a very sweet, quiet, loving attunement. As Candy, Ming, Jennifer & I joined hands, he energy felt like it was a slow steady beat of pulsating ribbons of energy going out to the whole world. The incredible feeling of peace and serenity was felt in every single cell of my body.


Message from the Street & Fighting Dogs

You see we are an important piece to the puzzle, we are now able to take care of ourselves and we will change this world in ways that have not been before. We will bring attunement and reiki to the places where ever we go. You have given us a great gift today, more meaningful than you realize. It has given us the opportunity to live these lives, in more security and mental comfort and we thank you. We  will take what you have given to us and share it, not only of our kind, and with the world but with humans as well. Our part is to be able to send reiki and attune the people who do the worst to us, This will heal those who haven’t felt healed in a long time and heal those who may never have felt it before. This is the reason they do the things they do.We will be the saviors of these poor people who can’t do anything but to hurt because they were hurt, we will be able to reach out to those who are hated and we will help those most hated to heal.”


I realized at that moment that the peace I felt from them and the peace that flowed throughout the entire attunement was actually “Christ Love”.

It is the peace that comes from a love SO strong, a love SO pure; it enables one to see the pain in those who do unspeakable things, and still love them anyway.

Street Dog2



2 Replies to “Attuning the Street & Fighting Dogs”

  1. Oooh Christ consciousness. Love that Coryelle. And as you know this attunement was so special to me. I am so glad you saw Sammy Diva part of it as well. I did call her in but was busy myself sending love and healing, attuning these wonderful most awesome creatures. So blessed we are!!!

  2. Sammy was so happy Ming and she was so excited, after I got their message made sense she would be. I got chills when I received it. Thank you for being a part of this with me.

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