Attuning the Rodents to Reiki2

Attuning the Rodents of the World with Reiki Fur Babies

Attuning the Rodents to Reiki

Participating in this attunement were Aaron, Sam & Jenny Wilhelm

We’ve already done some of this family already when Opossum, Squirrels and Beaver asked to be attuned.

But then the entire genus came to me as a collective and told me it as time so we were more than happy to do so and the animals of this family who have already been attuned joined us in the sending to the brethren.

Message from the Rodents

Attuning the Rodents to Reiki2We rodents that live with the earth will send our healing out to all the small nooks within her to make sure it is all receiving healing. Our brothers and sisters in the laboratories will be sending out there healing to their captures. This is the ultimately sign of unconditional love for all of life, they are opening up their hearts so that some day soon they will come to the deep realization and belief of the sacredness of all life. We have a tool now to raise against intolerance and ignorance that is believed of our kind, that we incapable of deep thought, that we are expendable and unimportant, that we carry disease and death, that we are to be feared and hated, what we are pests and trash. We ARE important, we ARE a part of this world and we are happy to join with you to heal it.

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  1. Ming January 30, 2015 at 12:15 pm #

    Love their message!!!! yes, they are important and we are all connected! Goosebumps! Once again, wonderful to do these attunements together!

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